Classic Photos: A New “Exotic” European Destination?

Written by: Vito Rubino, Fly Fishing Specialist at Orvis UK
The Italian Alps offer spectacular scenery, gorgeous rivers, and a variety of target species. Photos by Vito Rubino
I like to think that, in a couple of years, Italy will be the "new Slovenia." Here we are talking about the Alps in in the Trentino region--in the far north of the country--where you can catch marble . . .
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Story and Photos: Learning to Love The Driftless Area

Written by: Len Harris, Jr.
The tiny spring creeks of the driftless hold some of the most colorful browns you could imagine. Photos by Len Harris, Jr.
Many folks don’t know the meaning of the term driftless. It is an area in the Midwest--comprising parts of Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin--that was not flattened by the last glacial period. . . .
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#MomentofChill 12.06.18: Confidence

Although large brown trout feed mostly on baitfish and insect larvae, they will come to the surface when there is a sizable insect hatch. You can tell how confident this fish is by the way it stays near the. . .
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Video: Operatic Fishing in New Zealand’s Mackenzie Basin

There's lots to like in this video from DM Wong, including stunning scenery, beautiful trout, slow-motion cinematography, and a soaring soundtrack. Shot in the Mackenzie Basin, which is in. . .
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Photos and Story: Into the Gunnison Gorge

Written and photographed by: Nick Swingle
The beautiful browns of the Gunnison Gorge were like icing on the cake of this incredible trip.
The temperature is unseasonably warm, even for western Colorado. We wait in the shade, knowing the hike ahead will offer ample opportunity for sun and sweat. We pass the time nervously with last-minute Macgyvering of our packs and . . .
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Video: Rain or Shine in New Zealand

Angler Andrew Harding–a.k.a. troutboynz–made a day trip into the stunning, lower North Island backcountry with his pal Dan Thomas and got more than he bargained for. Although the forecast called . . .
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Video Tips: Why You Should Fish “Non-Obvious” Water

Here’s an excellent episode of the great series “The Bank,” from our friends Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing. (Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2.) Here, they are joined by. . .
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Video: Argentina Dream Stream

Here’s a glorious video from Argentinian Patagonia, featuring sight-fishing to large rainbows and brown trout. These spring creeks are so clear that you can watch trout come off the bottom to . . .
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