Photos: Steeped in History on an Irish Lough

Situated at the mouth of the Cong River, where it enters Lough Corrib, Ashford catle is like a fly fisher’s dream.
Photo courtesy Ashford Castle

Last week, my wife, Mary Beth, and I finally took a long-planned-for vacation in Ireland, the land of our forefathers. Of course, one can’t return to the Auld Sod without wetting a line, right?

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Classic Videos: Mesmerized by Feeding Trout

Here are two videos by Peter Broomhall focused on a single trout feeding on dry flies. The first features just the natural sounds of the river, while the second accompanies the action with a. . .

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Video: “Homecoming” in the Southeast

Parker Smith–who lives right on the Madison downstream of Quake Lake–sent in this cool video from a trip back to his native South Carolina, where he made the most of his time. From. . .

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Video: Hunting the River Monster

When you’re running through a list of places around the world where you can catch really big brown trout, Italy doesn’t usually come up, but this video might make you rethink things a bit. Shot in. . .

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Video: Upstate Fly, Episode 1

Here’s a beautiful short video from Upstate New York filmed by Sean Molloy, featuring some truly lovely cinematography. From the early shot of a stick in the water keeping time with the music, . . .

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Video: Argentina’s Amazing Limay River

Here’s a gorgeous video about Argentina’s famed Middle Limay River. True, this is really an advertisement, but that doesn’t get in the way of the stunning visuals, aerial shots, and. . .

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Trip Report and Photos: A Second Chance in Slovenia

Written by: Oliver Streuli, The International Hobbyist

The author’s first marble trout was the whole reason for the return to Slovenia.
Photos courtesy Oliver Streuli

It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes, but for our 7th annual fishing trip this year, Mark and I decided to revisit Slovenia. We had a great time last year, but we wanted another chance at. . .

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Video: Strippin’ Mad Browns

Although we get plenty of photos from the region, I sometimes feel like the Midwest gets short shrift in the video world, so I am always excited when I run across something good. This. . .

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