Classic Video: A Boring Day, with a Surprise Ending

We’ve seen enough videos from Dave and Amelia Jensen to know that they don’t make any boring ones, so when I saw that the title of their latest is Boring Day, I figured there’d be something good in there. And I wasn’t disappointed. If this is a. . .

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Photo: “Orvis Girls” on the Run in Southwestern Montana

Written by: Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Maggie (left) and Jenny shared a three-day tour of some of Montana’s iconic trout waters.
Photos by Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

We are #orvisgirls

The genesis of this was two years ago in Missoula, Montana at the Orvis Guide Rendevous. In a very male-dominated sport, it was no surprise that the few talented and able female anglers. . .

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Video: Tug is the Drug

Ken Tanaka at Wish4Fish had a pretty good year in 2015, and he’s condensed the highlights down to a smooth two minutes in this fast-paced video. There are some fine trout and pretty. . .

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Video: My Place of Solace

I came across this beautiful film by director Paolo Concari about two weeks ago, but all the narration was in Italian. I contacted Paolo and asked if he would consider adding subtitles, and. . .

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Photos: Argentina’s Amazing Rio Pico Region

Written by: Brian McGeehan, Montana Angler Fly Fishing

One of many nice rainbows landed at Lago Tres on our first day in Rio Pico.
Photos by Brian McGeehan

When it comes to fly fishing, there is something about driving a little farther and working a little harder that always appeals to me. I guess I am always hoping that the grass is a little greener. . .

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Photos: Streamer-Eating Browns in SE Minnesota

Written by: Toby Halley

Toby Halley (left) and fishing buddy, Rick, show off a double on nice Minnesota brown trout.
Photos courtesy Toby Halley

I got out last weekend with my buddies on a new stretch of water in southeastern Minnesota. My good friend Rick and I “guided” one of our friends and were able to get him on four very. . .

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