Video: “Beeps in New Zealand”

When I first saw the title of this video from EffectFly, I didn’t understand what it meant. But 28 seconds in, all becomes clear. I love it when anglers show the bad and the ugly along with. . .

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Classic Story and Photos: An Epic Trip into the New Zealand Backcountry

Written by: Alastair Peake, Fiordland Lodge

A brown trout of around 8 pounds on a dry fly is well worth a long hike in.
All photos by Alastair Peake

After another three day expedition into the heart of Fiordland backcountry, I feel bruised and battered yet utterly privileged to have experienced such a fly fishing adventure in paradise! The Clinton river drains into Lake Te Anau in a location so remote it’s only accessible by. . .

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Video: Mama Mia! Fly Fishing in Italy

Northeaster Italy is a gorgeous mountain wonderland, and the Piave River flows southward out of the Alps toward the Adriatic. As this beautiful video shows, the Piave and the upper Cismon, to. . .

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Video: Tumbleweed Trout in New Zealand

Here’s a cool video that melds a bunch of cultures: it’s Norwegian anglers, fishing in New Zealand, told in the style of a spaghetti western. There are some cool video effects and an overall. . .

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Photos: Same Fish, Different Day

Check out the pattern of five spots right behind the eye. . .
Photos by Jon Hill

Way back in May 2013, we posted a couple photos by Jon Hill, which showed how he had caught the same brown trout twice. Well, yesterday Jon sent in the photos here, along with an. . .

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