Photos and Essay: Spain’s La Rioja on the Fly

The mountains of La Rioja are beautiful and riddled with trout streams full of small, wild trout.
Photos by Sandy Hays

The water was almost over the top of my chest waders, and I struggled to make a delicate presentation to one of the three large trout rising under an overhanging tree limb fifty. . .

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Classic Fish Story: The Third-Try Brown Trout

Written by: Dan from Albuquerque

Persistence paid off for Dan, as he was able to tempt this beauty three separate times during a single day.
Photo by Dan from Albuquerque

Northern New Mexico went into a winter storm warning last weekend, but it didn’t officially start until noon on Saturday so I figured I could get some fishing in before the weather hit. I decided. . .

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Video: Tasmanian Titan

Québécois angler Alexis Pageau traveled halfway around the world to Tasmania to find huge brown trout. It took him several weeks of research and testing, but he finally found his quarry in. . .

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Video: Birthday Browns, Part II

This is a horribly misnamed video, as there are more rainbows than browns on display, but it still offers a great look at a fun day on North Carolina’s Davidson River. (Actually, it’s a. . .

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Video: Wintertime Daydreaming with Fiberglass

When the snow is piled more than a meter and a half high outside your window, what better way to make yourself feel better than to re-edit fly-fishing footage left over from last summer, as the. . .

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