Video: Heart of the Driftless Teaser & Trailer

Director Robert Thompson has released his full-length feature, Heart of the Driftless, on vimeo on demand, so you can enjoy the hour-long feature, as well as six shorter videos, ranging from 16 minutes to a minute and. . .

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Video: High-Country Brown Trout in New South Wales

While this isn’t the most accomplished video production, it offers a cool look at a fishery on the other side of the world, in the New England Tablelands of Australia’s New South Wales. It’s classic small-stream stuff, but the vegetation and trees make it look. . .

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Video: Arctic Silver 2014 IF4

Arctic Silver is a start-up company in Norway, trying to break into the fly-fishing industry with what they say is a completely new kind of fly rod. I haven’t tried it, so I have no opinion on this new technology or its utility. But I do have an opinion on this video, which is. . .

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Tiny Flies for Big Browns on the South Holston

Written by: Trey Oliver, Fishing Manager Orvis Charlotte

Mary Griffin shows off her 22-inch South Holsten brown, caught on a size 22 midge imitation.
All photos by Trey Oliver

It seems that streamers are all the rage these days—and let me preface this by saying I love fishing meaty flies—especially with all the cool patterns out there now! What’s not to love about tossing a 6-inch fly into the unknown with the anticipation that a. . .

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Video: Fixed for Fly Fishing

Here’s one for both fly fishers and hipsters, as an Italian angler rides his sweet “fixie” to a gorgeous mountain stream, where he enjoys some dry-fly action for Mediterranean brown trout. If we’re ever gonna attract the. . .

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Photos: A College Fly-Fishing Club Discovers the Fall Run

Written by: Brian Vargo

The author displays the kind of smile that comes from landing a big landlocked salmon.
All photos courtesy St. Michael’s College Fly Fishing Club

After a long dry spell, the Saint Michael’s College Fly Fishing Club finally got into some gorgeous fish.  Just to think, we almost went to a different spot. It all started with an email to. . .

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