Video: High-Country Brown Trout in New South Wales

While this isn’t the most accomplished video production, it offers a cool look at a fishery on the other side of the world, in the New England Tablelands of Australia’s New South Wales. It’s classic small-stream stuff, but the vegetation and trees make it look. . .

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Video: Arctic Silver 2014 IF4

Arctic Silver is a start-up company in Norway, trying to break into the fly-fishing industry with what they say is a completely new kind of fly rod. I haven’t tried it, so I have no opinion on this new technology or its utility. But I do have an opinion on this video, which is. . .

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Tiny Flies for Big Browns on the South Holston

Written by: Trey Oliver, Fishing Manager Orvis Charlotte

Mary Griffin shows off her 22-inch South Holsten brown, caught on a size 22 midge imitation.
All photos by Trey Oliver

It seems that streamers are all the rage these days—and let me preface this by saying I love fishing meaty flies—especially with all the cool patterns out there now! What’s not to love about tossing a 6-inch fly into the unknown with the anticipation that a. . .

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Video: Fixed for Fly Fishing

Here’s one for both fly fishers and hipsters, as an Italian angler rides his sweet “fixie” to a gorgeous mountain stream, where he enjoys some dry-fly action for Mediterranean brown trout. If we’re ever gonna attract the. . .

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Photos: A College Fly-Fishing Club Discovers the Fall Run

Written by: Brian Vargo

The author displays the kind of smile that comes from landing a big landlocked salmon.
All photos courtesy St. Michael’s College Fly Fishing Club

After a long dry spell, the Saint Michael’s College Fly Fishing Club finally got into some gorgeous fish.  Just to think, we almost went to a different spot. It all started with an email to. . .

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In Praise of Ugly Flies: The Junk Yard Dog

Battenkill browns love hideous streamers, especially in the fall.
Photo by Phil Monahan

It was one of the driest Septembers on record in Vermont, and the Battenkill has been running very low—down around 150 cfs, which can stress the bigger fish. But recently, nighttime air temperatures have started dipping into the 40s, and the leaves on the. . .

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Stalking the One That Got Away on the Battenkill

What better feeling is there than finally catching a fish that has haunted you for a month? Meet Tethys.
Photo by Mike Valla

Local angler Mike Valla, who fishes the Battenkill mostly across the border in New York, recently spent almost a month trying to get another shot at a big brown that had pounded a Warden’s Worry bucktail but then got away. Mike nicknamed the. . .

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