Video: Meanwhile Upstream, Episode I

Here’s the latest video from our old friend Rolf Nylinder of FrontsideFly, and it’s got all the features we’ve come to expect from the Swedish Wunderkind: a good dose of humor, great footage of rising trout, camaraderie, and. . .

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Photos: Back to the Beaverkill for Brown Trout

Written by: Jerry Plaaten

The author and his friend discovered that the Beaverkill still fishes as well as they remembered.
Photo courtesy Jerry Plaaten

My friend Bill Gunn and I are displaced Connecticut natives now bogged down in Florida. Our first love is still trout fishing, and we have been making yearly pilgrimages northward. Last year, rather than going to Pennsylvania, I suggested that we go back to. . .

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Video: Taking a Chance in New Zealand

This is a long one, at just under 30 minutes, but there is a ton of great action and plenty of huge trout. Guide Mike Kirkpatrick and his client, Kresten Ovesen, head into the backcountry of New Zealand’s South Island in. . .

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Photos of the Day: Getting Hexed on the Boardman River

Written by: Ben Brown, Orvis Streamside

Fly-fishing in the dark has its drawbacks, but the rewards can be spectacular.
All photos courtesy Ben Brown

The Hex hatch has been producing large fish on the Boardman River, and these photos show some of the great browns we’ve been catching. The top photo shows two fish that my friend, Thane Herbert, and I caught on the Fourth of July. Thane is. . .

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Bonus Video: Wander, Late April on the Bitterroot

This fly-fishing film was shot over the last four days of April in Missoula, Montana. According to filmmaker Joe Cummings, the spot, stalk, and catch of the brown trout at the end was real, difficult, and rewarding. He says that. . .

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