Photos and Story: Bulls and Rainbows in BC

The bull trout of the Birkenhead aren’t huge, but they are beautiful and feisty.
Photos by Reece Fowler

There’s a trip in every fly fishers’ life that’s just that little bit more memorable than all others. Sometimes it’s a result of the number or size of fish caught. Sometimes it’s a result of banter with your fishing buddies or down to the . . .

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Video: Bull-Trout Heaven on Earth

Here’s a cool video from Alberta-based Backcountry Poolz featuring some incredible bull-trout fishing in the wilderness of western Canada. (I’m not sure if this is Alberta or British . . .

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Video: Hucking Meat for Bull Trout

Here’s a wild video from British Columbia, featuring a group of anglers “hucking meat,” which is defined as: “To throw big, ugly streamers into pools to take on the biggest, burliest bull trout.”

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Photos of the Day: Two Big Ones from the Metolius

The rainbows of the Metolius are known for their stunning colors.
Photo by Brian O’Keefe

I got a great email from my friend, Brian O’Keefe yesterday, which contained these photos. O’keefe has been one of fly fishing’s top photographers for more than two decades, and he. . .

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