Podcast: How To Find Great Carp Fishing

In our campaign to take pressure off our over-stressed trout rivers during this hot, dry summer, I figured a great topic would be how to find carp-fishing spots. Not every place that holds carp . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Catch Grass Carp on the Fly

Written by: Drew Ross, Looknfishy

You’ll have to learn to accept a pretty high failure rate if you want to eventually land a grass carp.
Photos by Drew Ross

Grass carp can be a challenge on the fly and frustrated me for years. My first experience was very memorable. In the summer 2012, I was working some lily pads for bass when a huge shadow . . .

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Video: “Airstreamer” by Todd Moen

Todd Moen of Catch Magazine has pulled another great video from the vault and posted it on Youtube. As usual, this one stars Brian O’Keefe, who catches some fine trout, bass, and carp in a . . .

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Podcast: Advanced Carp Fishing, with Dan Frasier

This week, our podcast is all about carp. It’s a more advanced carp podcast with my buddy Dan Frasier, who is one of the most knowledgeable carp anglers I know. Carp are almost never easy, and sometimes they are damn near . . .

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Photos and Story: Exploring Taiwan on the Fly

In January, my brother Wilson and I had the opportunity to return to Taiwan after having been away for 18 and 12 years, respectively. We were both born in the U.S., but our parents are from Taiwan and this trip was a long time coming. . . .

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Photos: Carp-Testing the Helios 3

Written by: Drew Ross, Looknfishy

Carp aficionado Drew Ross had success on his first day out on the carp flats with this Helios 3.
Photos by Drew Ross

Digging the new H3 9-foot 8-weight. I took it out today to see if it would deliver size 12 bugs to unsuspecting grass carp in 15-20 mph winds. I’m super pumped to have a a rod that can deliver . . .

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Fish Facts: Grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)

Chris Fowler, who works at Orvis Austin, landed this beautiful grassy in Texas last summer.
Photo by Chris Fowler

Imported from eastern Asia, the invasive grass carp has established itself from coast to coast and is recognized as one of the toughest species to catch on a fly. While the last decade has . . .

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Fish Facts: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Common Carp But Were Afraid to Ask

Carp may be an invasive species, but many fly fishers love them.
Photo courtesy Mike Mazzoni

Unlike trout, common carp (Cyprinus carpio) are unattractive, slimy, feed almost exclusively below the surface, and rarely inhabit clear mountain streams—choosing instead to live in turbid or brackish waters. For these reasons, the species was denigrated as a “trash fish” by . . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Carp on the Fly

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

In the Facebook comments below last night’s post “How to Fish Wet Flies and Nymphs, with Tom Rosenbauer,” reader Jett Morris asked for similar information about carp fishing. So here’s. . .

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