Fish Facts: Everything You Wanted to Know About the Common Carp But Were Afraid to Ask

Carp may be an invasive species, but many fly fishers love them.
Photo courtesy Mike Mazzoni

Unlike trout, common carp (Cyprinus carpio) are unattractive, slimy, feed almost exclusively below the surface, and rarely inhabit clear mountain streams—choosing instead to live in turbid or brackish waters. For these reasons, the species was denigrated as a “trash fish” by . . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Carp on the Fly

These fish are hard to fool and tough to land.
Photo courtesy Tom Rosenbauer

In the Facebook comments below last night’s post “How to Fish Wet Flies and Nymphs, with Tom Rosenbauer,” reader Jett Morris asked for similar information about carp fishing. So here’s. . .

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Story: Chasing Carp on a Summer Saturday

The Bonefish Bitters was Shawn’s secret weapon for the day.
Photos by Shawn Combs

There are few things in life more enjoyable than a hall pass, a gorgeous summer day, and a plan to explore new water relatively close to home.  Last Friday, Shawn “Diddy” Combs, our head. . .

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Video: “Carpology” Part 2 by Todd Moen

Dry-fly fishing in Montana’s magnificent Big Sky country is perhaps the closest thing to heaven for most anglers. But during the summer of 2015, I went there and encountered sweltering. . .

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Video: Grass Ghosts of the Flats

Reader Drew Ross sent me a link to this cool video about chasing grass carp on shallow-water flats in his native Arkansas. This looks every bit as exciting as stalking the flats for bonefish, and. . .

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Video: “Carpology” Part 1 by Todd Moen

Summer temps hover in the upper 90s, and there are rising carp on Montana’s Missouri River. Unlike trout or steelhead or bonefish, carp feed in a frenzy known to some anglers as the. . .

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Get ready for Carp Throw Down 2016!

Written by: Conway Bowman

This is the prize, a wary, sometimes picky “trash fish” that’s a challenge for any angler.
Photo courtesy Conway Bowman

Hey carp fly-rod freaks! Get your hoppers and dry flies ready for 4th annual Lake Henshaw Carp Throw Down, which will be held on May 21, 2016. The CTD has evolved into the warmwater. . .

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