Video: Find Your Water—”Alpine Rises”

The latest video from the “Find Your Water” series follows anglers Ben Kraushaar and Anna Ortega on a trek into Colorado’s San Juan Mountains to fish some high-country lakes for stunning . . .

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Photos: A Multi-Species Trip into the Colorado High Country

The payoff for long, hard hikes into the rockies can be glorious, colorful cutthroats.
All photos courtesy Jon Hill

Last week, we made a four-day trip into the Rocky Mountains and did quite a bit of hiking and fishing. Tom, Shawn, Carper, and I hiked and bushwhacked into multiple lakes in a section. . .

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Utah Cutthroat Slam, Day Three: Cutts and Ladders

This gorgeous Bonneville cutthroat came from Utah’s North Branch of the Ogden River.
Photo by Phil Monahan

On the morning of our third day in Utah, we drove to the small town of Coalville, where we met up with a group of heavy hitters. In attendance were Greg Sheehan, the Utah Division of Wildlife. . .

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Utah Cutthroat Slam, Day Two: Downstream Effects

The Bear River cutthroats downstream were much larger, beneficiaries of the habitat work upstream.
Photo by Phil Monahan

On the second day of our Utah Cutthroat Slam adventure, TU’s Jim DeRito wanted to head downstream on the Bear River to see how the habitat work in the headwaters benefited the. . .

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Classic Photo Essay: Maturing as an Angler

Written by: Hannah Perkins

Hannah Perkins with a gorgeous spring creek cutthroat.
Photo courtesy Hannah Perkins

When I first started fishing without anyone to tie on my flies or anyone showing me where to cast and when to mend, my mission was to just catch one fish on my own. Any fish would do. When that became a reality, fishing became a. . .

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Photos: Fighting the wind at 12,400 Feet in the Rockies

Written by: Jon Hill

The casting was difficult, but it was worth fighting the wind to catch these stunning cutthroats.
Photos courtesy Jon Hill

Another hike into the high country with some buddies yielded some amazing-looking cutthroats! There’s usually some wind to deal with when hiking and fishing at high altitudes, but this time. . .

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Photos: Father-Son Time in Idaho

Writteh by: by John Herzer, Blackfoot River Outfitters

Young Dawson rocked the cutthroats all day.
Photo by John Herzer

I took a half day off and ran over to Idaho with my son, Dawson. (You may remember his video lesson on double-hauling a couple of years ago.) He caught a pile of cutties, and I pinned. . .

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