Video: Floating the Flathead in Montana

Here’s a cool video from Ben McCracken about a six-day float on Montana’s Flathead River. What I enjoy about this production is that it features more than the fishing, with plenty of wildlife, . . .

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Video: Every Summer Ends

Here’s a truly gorgeous video from New Mexico that focuses on the whole experience of heading to the high country in the late summer: “Dry flies, flowers, wildlife, green grass, and bugs getting. . .

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Photos: Exploring Southwest Montana Backcountry

Written by: John McKinnie, Lone Mountain Ranch

Wild high-country trout are the reward for the trip into the backcountry.
All photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

Reins, lead rope, cinch, stirrup, pannier. . .

Until this summer, most of these terms were still a little foreign to me. Even though I have been around horses and worked closely with a few wranglers over the last couple of years, I have not fully immersed myself into backcountry horseback expeditions until recently. In the last couple of months, I have. . .

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Video: One Day North for Cutthroats

Three amigos from Salt Lake City head north to fish some great cutthroat waters in this sweet video from Fly Smart Media. Gorgeous mountain scenery and pretty water offer a great. . .

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Photos of the Day: Colorado’s Collegiate Peaks Cutts

Written by: Jon Hill

The author shows off a gorgeous high-country cutthroat.
All photos by Jon Hill

At least once a year, I get away for a long backpacking trip, and this year Tom, Shawn, and I took five days off and headed into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in Colorado. The hike was a. . .

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