Pro Tips: Catch More False Albacore with Topwater Flies

Written by: Capt. Gordon Churchill
The author shows off a gorgeous little tunny, which ate a Crease Fly. Photos courtesy Capt. Gordon Churchill
If you’re a fly fisherman, then you love seeing fish eat your flies, like when you’re casting dry flies for trout or poppers for bass. And sight-fishing for bonefish is considered one of the more exciting . . .
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Video—SIFF18: Four Years For Life Teaser and Full Film

Written by: Peter Laurelli
Over four years ago, I wrapped up SIFF13: Islands, and started a new season filming for what I thought would be the next annual project. Four years later, it's finished. Within those four years, . . .
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Photos: False Albacore and More Off North Carolina

Written by: Connor Tapscott
These little rockets will get you into your backing in seconds. Photos by Connor Tapscott
I clenched the salty, cork handle of my rod anxiously as we sped off toward the sight of splashing on the horizon. The water bubbled with small fish being pushed toward the ocean’s surface and . . .
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Story and Photos: Going to Albie School

Albie School student Morgan Shulda (center) shares his albie with Capt. Aron Cascone (left) and Cynthia Harkness. Photos by Tom Rosenbauer
I’ve had a long history with a fish called the little tunny or false albacore. Younger New England fly fishers are amazed that, when I started fly-fishing in salt water in the late 1970s, we did not . . .
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Podcast: The Truth about False Albacore with Peter Jenkins

Peter Jenkins is an albie addict from Rhode Island. Photo courtesy The Saltwater Edge
I’m just back from a wonderful trip to Cape Cod fishing for false albacore with my old friend Capt. Tony Biski and have been wanting to do a podcast with Peter Jenkins from The Saltwater . . .
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Video: False Albacore off Morehead City, NC

Here's a cool video from North Carolina that really captures the run-and-gun nature about fishing for false albacore during the fall blitz. The schools of fish come to the surface and then. . .
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Video: Honeymoon Albies in North Carolina

Back in October, two of our colleagues, Chrissy Penn and Tyler Atkins, got married on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. So what do two serious fishheads do after all the relatives clear out? They go fishing, of course. Here's a. . .
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Photos of the Day: Autumn Albie Action with Aron

Written by: Peter Kutzer
Orvis-endorsed guide Elliott Jenkins (left) and Pete show off a double. All photos courtesy Peter Kutzer
Last month, I had the chance to head out with my friend Aron Cascone, of Constant Angler, to chase false albacore off Point Judith, on the coast of Rhode Island. The fish were up. . .
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