Pro Tips: An Angler’s Guide to Argentina

Written by: Jeremy Kehrein, Sporting Travel Program Manager for Orvis Adventures

An angler casts on Rio Malleo, as the volcano Lanin looms in the background.
Photo courtesy San Huberto Lodge

Asked to create a hierarchy of fly-fishing dream destinations, many anglers would put Argentina up at the top. Since the late 1950s, when Joe Brooks first wrote about the rivers of Patagonia in. . .

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Video: Killer Strikes and Fights in Bolivia

Here’s the second in a series of incredible videos from Bolivia, where golden dorado and other species attack flies with gusto and then take to the air in acrobatic fashion. These fish are . . .

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Video: Golden Dorado in the Heart of Bolivia

Check out this amazing video from a clear-water, freestone stream in Bolivia, where golden dorado hunt baitfish and chase flies. It’s so cool to watch the predators herd the bait against the . . .

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Video: Big-Water Golden Dorado on the Fly

Here’s a compelling video from northern Argentina–near the city of Esquina–featuring some exciting action for golden dorado in the channels of the massive Rio Paraná. The way these. . .

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Videos: Golden Dorado Adventure, Parts I & II

Here’s a two-part video about chasing golden dorado in Argentina. As you’ll see, this is big-water fishing, and the fish are of commensurate size. There’s no information about where, exactly . . .

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Video: Golden Dorado on Argentina’s Rio Parana

Every time I see a video about fly-fishing for golden dorado, I think, “Man, I have to do that some day,” and this production is no different. I love the way that these big fish go airborne, and they fight with a ferocity that. . .

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