Video: Follow Your Passion

Here’s a gorgeous video from Slovakia, by Konrad Production, which tries to get at the magic of fly fishing as a whole. . .not just as a pursuit of fish. From the amazing scenery, to the cool. . .

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Video: The Dragon Valley of Upper Bavaria

Although we fish for “German browns” in this country all the time, you rarely hear of folks heading to the native land of these trout to go fishing. But as this video shows, the Bavarian Alps–along the . . .

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Photos of the Day: Big Grayling in the Alaskan Bush

Written by: Duane Reading

These gorgeous Alaskan natives rose readily to a well-presented Griffith’s Gnat.
Photos courtesy Rouse Fly Fishing

Anthony and his son, Daniel, enjoyed a remarkable day in Alaska catching grayling on Griffith’s Gnats. After landing on Kijik Lake, in Lake Clark National Park and preserve, the group . . .

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Photos: A Multi-Species Trip into the Colorado High Country

The payoff for long, hard hikes into the rockies can be glorious, colorful cutthroats.
All photos courtesy Jon Hill

Last week, we made a four-day trip into the Rocky Mountains and did quite a bit of hiking and fishing. Tom, Shawn, Carper, and I hiked and bushwhacked into multiple lakes in a section. . .

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Trip Report and Photos: A Second Chance in Slovenia

Written by: Oliver Streuli, The International Hobbyist

The author’s first marble trout was the whole reason for the return to Slovenia.
Photos courtesy Oliver Streuli

It’s hard to believe how quickly time passes, but for our 7th annual fishing trip this year, Mark and I decided to revisit Slovenia. We had a great time last year, but we wanted another chance at. . .

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Video: Early Autumn Czech Nymphing

By now, if you haven’t tried Czech nymphing, you’ve at least heard of it. Well, here’s a good opportunity to see the technique in action on a trout-and-grayling stream in England’s. . .

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