Video Pro Tips: How to Fly-Fish for Bass

Legendary angler Jeff Currier offers some of his top tips for bass fishing with a fly rod. From choosing the right gear to casting big flies to making sure you land the fish you hook, Jeff’s advice is rock-solid. He may be a world-traveling angling celebrity now, . . .

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Bass Across America: Eastern North Carolina

This week, our focus is on North Carolina, where anglers can pursue largemouth bass within their native range every day of the year. We recently caught up with EJ Stern, owner/operator of Raleigh Fly Fishing Guide Service, who focuses mainly on . . .

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Bass Across America: Central Virginia

This week, we look at Virginia, which is home to both native and introduced populations of largemouths. It’s one of the few states that offers year-round opportunities to catch this popular game fish. We recently sat down with Mossy Creek Fly Fishing . . .

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Warmwater Tips: Bass Go Ga-Ga for Gurglers

Written by: Preston Ailor

The Gurgler provided just the right action and commotion to draw strikes.
Photos by Preston Ailor

I have a problem. I look through fly-fishing magazines and catalogs the same way teenage boys look at Kardashians’ Instagram accounts. One day, looking through the Orvis fly catalog, I . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Wade-Fish for Bass and Panfish in the Weeds

Largemouths holding in weedbeds make for great summertime action.
Photo by Drew Price

Everyone knows that bass loves weeds in the summer, but to cover big weed beds efficiently, you often need a boat (although not necessarily a sparkly one). Especially in the South, the lake. . .

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