Armed to the Teeth: The Northern Pike of Wollaston Lake

Orvis’s Tom Evenson prepares to release a 43-inch northern pike, which hit a topwatere slider pattern.
Photo by Joel Ruby

“Can we please change this fly?” Guide Dan Lembke–all six-foot-eight, two-hundred and ninety
pounds of him–was sitting in the center of the boat, rebuilding my wire leader
and considering what fly to tie on, . . .

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What I Learned on My First Trip for Northern Pike

Written by: Chuck Coolidge

The author hoists his first northern pike on a fly. Can you tell he’s excited?
Photos by Chuck Coolidge

Wisconsin is well-known for its solid predator fishing, and muskies get almost all the attention. However, there’s another member of the Esox genus that’s significantly more abundant and, some would say just as fun, that you can fish for year round: . . .

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Wollaston Lake Lodge, Day One: Big Water

Another Wollaston Lake northern pike comes to the boat.
Photos by Sandy Hays

At the 2018 Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Asheville, North Carolina, back in April, Wollaston Lake Lodge was announced as this year’s Endorsed Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year. At the after . . .

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Four Trophy Fishing Experiences in the Last Frontier

The 30-inch mark is an Alaskan distinction between really big rainbows and HUGE rainbows.
Photo courtesy Crystal Creek Lodge

Alaska is blessed with an incredible wealth of sport-fishing opportunities—from easy-to-reach streams that flow alongside highways or right through town, to remote waters accessible . . .

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Photos of the Day: Drunk and Disorderly Pike

Written by: Kubie Brown, Orvis Manchester

Kubie Brown is all smiles, as he holds a 40+-inch northern pike from Upstate New York.
Photos courtesy Kubie Brown

Every year, I head up to the Adirondacks with my brother and my buddy, Justin, to hunt the ponds, lakes, and rivers of the region for big post-spawn northern pike. In the past, we’ve found that. . .

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