Photo: “Accidental” Permit in Belize

Written by: Sarah Thies, Manager of Orvis Travel

When it comes to permit, landing one of any size is a real accomplishment.
Photo by Sy Traub

Above is a photo of an accidental permit. Darren Traub and his father, Sy (from Allentown, Pennsylvania), have been fly fishing together for years throughout the U.S., including. . .

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New Paradigm: A Farm Meets the Flats in Southern Belize

Written by: Lance Peterson, Belcampo Belize

The permit flats of southern Belize are among the best in the world.
Photo courtesy Belcampo guest Sue Novik

As interest in farm-to-table, environmentally responsible food production grows, buzzwords like “organic” and “locally sourced” can become naught more than sales-pitch clichés used to. . .

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Photos: Of Crabs and Permit in Southern Belize

Joe and guide Bruce Leslie show off another permit caught on the “secret fly.”
Photos courtesy Joe Carabello

Prior to last year’s trip to Placencia, Belize, I stopped by the Orvis Flagship store in Manchester, Vermont to pick up a few crab flies. It was the first time I had seen the Grand Slam Crab, . . .

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