Photos: Redfish Honeymoon in the Lowcountry

Written by: Capt. Owen Plair, Bay Street Outfitters

Nick shows off his first redfish on a fly, a 33-inch beast.
All photos by Capt. Owen Plair, Bay Street Outfitters

Every day I spend on the water with anglers is a a special memory for me, especially when they are new to the world of sight-fishing for redfish on fly here in the Lowcountry of Beaufort, South Carolina. Back in September, I spent a few days with some newlyweds who not only. . .

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Photos: Dotty Scores a World-Record Redfish

Written by: David Mangum, Shallow Water Expeditions

Guide David Mangum hoists aboard the huge redfish, as Dorry Ballantyne celebrates.
All photos by Fitz Coker

On Nov 19th, I was fishing Fitz Coker and Dotty Ballantyne, who were both using 12-pound-test IGFA tippets. It was late in the day, and we were looking for a redfish greater than 34 pounds. The water was dingy and light was low, so. . .

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Video: 2014 Saltwater Highlight Reel

Patrick Rhea, of Livit Films, has put together some highlights from his year on the water in Florida and The Bahamas, and it’s pretty impressive, featuring tarpon, redfish, snook, and bonefish.

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Trip Report: A Bucket-List Adventure for Louisiana Redfish

Written by: Adam McNamara, Store Manager of Orvis, Portland (OR).

Orvis Portland Store Manager Adam McNamara realizes his dream of catching a Louisiana redfish.
Photo by Rob Tibbett

After almost 10 years as a full-time guide, I wanted a secure, long-term job at a real fly fishing company. I found that place working for Orvis, where I am now the Store Manager at Orvis Portland. In December I won a. . .

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Video: Back to the Park by Dan Decibel

Our old pal Dan Decibel, known for his great videos of fly fishing around Flamingo from a kayak, has made a lifestyle change: “Ever since I got rid of my Kayaks I haven’t return to the place I love the most, Flamingo. I haven’t been there in months and I couldn’t take it anymore. I haven’t. . .”

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Photos of the Day: Jazz and Drums

Written by: John Herzer, Blackfoot River Outfitters

John Herzer holds the giant black drum that Terri caught, since she was wiped out from the fight.
Photo by Jacob Shemper

Here are a few pictures from my wife, Terri, and my trip down to New Orleans in early May to fish for redfish with one of our former Montana guides, Jacob Shemper. We fished for four days—spending a day in the. . .

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