Pro Tips: Top 10 Topwater Flies for Smallmouth Bass

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips

Kip Vieth is passionate about the smallmouth-bass fishing in his home state of Minnesota.
Photo courtesy Kip Vieth

I call the banks of the Upper Mississippi River home. Our shop and guide service is located right in the heart of the famous catch-and-release section, just north of the Twin Cities. Where we live, . . .

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Photo of the Day: Scouting Trip Smallie Success

When your trout river is blown out, it’s time to see if anything else is biting.
Photo by Mike Canady

Mike Canady of Ellensburg Angler in Ellensburg, Washington, sent in this great photo of his fellow guide, Todd Fuchigami with a big fish and a big smile. The Yakima River was blown out, so. . .

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Classic Pro Tips: How to Catch Springtime Smallmouths

Written by: Drew Price

Springtime offers the chance to catch some of the biggest smallmouths of the year.

Photos by Drew Price

When April begins, I start thinking about smallmouth bass. They will soon start making migratory spawning runs out of lakes, and some huge fish will be caught. It can be some of the most. . .

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Classic Photos: Into the Wild for Pike, Smallmouths, and Lakers

Written by: Todd Van Dyke

Todd Van Dyke shows off his largest pike ever, caught in Quetico Provencial Park in northwestern Ontario.
Photo by Kyle Riddle

[Editor’s Note: While I’m in Norway, we’ll be republishing some of our favorite posts from the past that you might have missed. Here’s a great email we received from blog reader Todd Van Dyke last year.]

I wanted to send a big thanks for everything you are doing with the blog and the podcast, I have learned a lot over the years. A hat tip to the timely pike and striper podcasts as well, as I spent. . .

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