Video: Virgin Waters for Bass

Bass fishing in the South Africa midlands. . .who knew? In this cool video, a group of anglers cast for largemouth and smallmouth bass in a lake that they say has never been. . .

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Video: The Beautiful Bass of Lac Meech

Regular blog readers know that I frequently bemoan the dearth of really good bass-fishing videos, so when one comes along, I post it immediately. Here’s some gorgeous footage from Quebec’s Lac Meech, in Gatineau Park. The cinematography and. . .

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Fish Facts: Smallmouth Bass (Micropterus dolomieu)

When trout streams start to get too warm, the fishing for smallies often heats up.
Photo by Drew Price

The smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) goes by many nicknames—smallie, bronzeback, brownie, and brown bass, to name a few—which is a sign of its popularity in different parts of the country. It’s the most trout–like bass, in that it often lives in clean, cold rivers and feeds on insects, baitfish, and. . .

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Photo of the Day: A Spin Fisherman Turns to the Fly

Written by: Jim Wallace, Store Manager, Orvis Rochester

Curtis Luster already looks the part, though he’s been fly fishing only a few months.
Photo courtesy Curtis Luster

Curtis Luster began shopping our store shortly after we opened. Though he was a big spin fisherman, Curtis knew little about fly fishing. He participated in a Fly Tying 101 class during the winter and. . .

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