Pro Tips: Top Five Flies for Spring Great Lakes Steelhead

Written by: Chuck Hawkins, Hawkins Outfitters

These five patterns will help you fish through the three-stage early season.
Photo by Chuck Hawkins

Most fly anglers eagerly await the start of the spring steelhead run. Here what I believe are the top five spring steelhead flies and when to use them. Any list of the top five steelhead flies for spring. . .

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Video: Top 5 Tips for Great Lakes Steelhead

Do you want to catch more Great Lakes steelhead? The folks at Mad River Outfitters, in Columbus, Ohio, are here to help. Guide Josh McQueen breaks down his top five steelheading tips–from proper presentation, to dressing appropriately to being . . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Fish a Short Run with a Long Rod

Do you like to “huck mega” as soon as you get out on the water with your two-hander? Then you may be missing your best chance at a fish according to guide Stuart Warren of Ashland Fly Shop. In this great video, he explains the value of starting short . . .

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Classic Pro Tips: The Keys to Low-Water Steelhead

You can still catch big steelies in low water.
Photo by Mike Daley

It’s a beautiful time of year on the Lake Erie tributaries. But low, clear water can scare many anglers away, as these conditions can produce spooky steelhead that will run for the hills the. . .

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Podcast: The Secret Life of Steelhead, with John McMillan

This week, my guest is noted steelhead angler and scientist John McMillen of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. John’s fascinating discussion of why steelhead do what they do (and the challenges they face) held me in absolute fascination. I am sure you’ll . . .

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Pro Tips: Nymphing vs Swinging for Steelhead

Written by: Dave Stewart, Wet Fly Swing

This winter steelhead was caught on a nymphing setup.
Photo by Dave Stewart

Have you been thinking about getting into steelhead fishing, but are not sure where to start? Maybe you have been out a time or two but weren’t quite successful. You’ve probably. . .

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