Video: How to Tie the Steelhead Woolly Bugger

As Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions notes in his latest video, it's hard to think of a fish that won't eat a well-presented Woolly Bugger. Tim's steelhead-specific pattern offers a few tweaks to the . . .
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Classic Podcast: Advanced Steelhead Tips with Damon Newpher

Damon shows of a fine steelie from a Lake Erie trib. Photo via Facebook
This week’s podcast is on Great Lakes steelhead fishing, in particular the tributaries to Lake Erie. Damon Newpher, longtime Orvis-endorsed guide, offers advanced tips on some of the . . .
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Pro Tips: Nymphing vs Swinging for Steelhead

Written by: Dave Stewart, Wet Fly Swing
This winter steelhead was caught on a nymphing setup. Photo by Dave Stewart
Have you been thinking about getting into steelhead fishing, but are not sure where to start? Maybe you have been out a time or two but weren’t quite successful. You’ve probably. . .
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Photos and Story: A DIY Trip for Alaskan Chrome

The author fulfilled his Alaskan dream with a little help from his Instagram friends. Photos by Mario Guel
Since I was a child, I have dreamed of visiting Alaska. When I was six years old, in 1986, I played a video game called, “King Salmon,” in which you’d troll on the Kenai River and catch giant king salmon—some over 100 pounds! I loved it. Then in . . .
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Video: How to Swing Flies for Steelhead

Lots of anglers catch Great Lakes steelhead by drifting egg patterns and the like, but the more traditional method of swinging flies for these fish is becoming increasingly popular. In this great full-length episode of The New Fly . . .
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Action Alert: Help Protect the Trout, Salmon, and Steelhead of Oregon’s Nehalem River Watershed

Written by: Tracy Nguyen-Chung
The Nehalem River could use even more protection than that proposed by the State of Oregon. Photo by Tracy Nguyen-Chung
Oregon’s North Coast is an incomparable wonder, and home to the Nehalem River. (Nehalim is Salish for "place where people live.") Lush forests, a sweeping coastal estuary, and miles of . . .
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Photo and Story: A Summer Steelhead on a Mouse Pattern

Baptiste had come a long way to catch such a stunning fish on a mouse pattern. Photo by Devon Carr
As fly fishers, we often believe that we deserve a fish. Perhaps you deserve that fish because you made so many great casts and drifts. or you believe that your bad luck is due to run out. This . . .
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Classic Video: My First Fish, Through the Eyes of a Child

Wow. Seriously, this is one of the most moving videos we have ever featured on the Fly Fishing blog. "My First Fish" the story of a five-year-old boy's first experience with steelhead, and it's. . .
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