Video: 800 Miles Home

This looks like a pretty fantastic trip for steelhead on Idaho’s Salmon River for the anglers of Wild Trout Productions. Check out these numbers: . . .

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Video: Hank Patterson is. . .Sensei (Trailer)

In the highly anticipated film “Sensei”, Fly Fusion’s steelhead editor, April Vokey, teaches fly-fishing sensation, Hank Patterson, how to Spey cast for steelhead. Hank is a “quick study” and it’s. . .

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Photo of the day: Steelhead from Above

Written by: Alberto Rey

This unusual perspective on a steelhead is all about the spots.
Photo by Alberto Rey

I had a good friend come down from Vermont last weekend. He had turned me on to fly fishing a long time ago, and I took the day off from guiding so we could spend some time. . .

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Podcast: Steelhead tips with Dave Perkins

This week, I interview Dave Perkins, Executive Vice Chairman of Orvis. Dave is one of the most well-traveled and experienced fly fishers I know, but he still enjoys fishing close to home, as well. In this case, he is sharing his. . .

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Video: Steelhead in Mono | Chrome

Here’s a cool short clip from an upcoming film called Our Two Hands from Bloodknots. In just under a minute, we go from approaching the water to landing the fish. According to Asher Koles, “”Mono | Chrome” takes the viewer from. . .

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Video: Steelhead, Pickles, and Big Hair

Here’s a two-minute trailer for an upcoming film about Spey-fishing for steelhead in British Columbia from the one and only Captain Quinn, whose work we have been featuring since way back in. . .

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