Tuesday Tips: Understanding Pacific Northwest Steelhead

Written by: Dan Gracia, Orvis Sporting Traditions Specialist

Leland Miyawaki of Orvis bellevue (WA) shows off a fine Pacific Northwest steelhead.
Photo courtesy Leland Miyawaki

Throughout most of the Pacific Northwest, steelhead young spend a year in their native rivers before they smolt and head out to sea. This smolting process is the changing of the steelhead young’s physiology to allow it to thrive in a saltwater condition. Up until this. . .

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Photos: A Trip and a Steelhead That Were a Long Time Coming

Written by: Wade Fellin,  Big Hole Lodge

After many fishless days, this Clearwater River steelhead made the whole trip worthwhile.
Photos courtesy Wade Fellin

Big Hole Lodge had an awesome season with Dad working overtime while I was away studying for the bar. He hasn’t fished with his brother in years, and the three of us haven’t fished together in. . .

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Podcast: The King of Swing

This week I interview Shawn Brillon, the King of Swing here at Orvis. He’s a master at strategizing on swinging flies for both Atlantic salmon and steelhead, and his strategy works for trout streamers and wets, as well. It should serve to get you. . .

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New Issue of Swing the Fly Magazine

The fly-fishing world is full of sub-communities, and one of the more passionate groups is made up of anglers who love the swung fly. Among trout fishers, swinging wet flies and Soft Hackles is not. . .

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Podcast: Tips for Catching Warm-Weather Steelhead

In this week’s podcast, I interview my old friend Brian O’Keefe, founder of Catch Magazine, on tips for catching warm-weather steelhead. Brian is one of the best anglers and teachers around, and I think it’s a particularly. . .

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