Photos: Incredible Steelhead on BC’s Sustut River

Written by: Hank Welles, Montana Angler

Guide Wil Flack and Kent Hoffman are all smiles about this colored-up Sustut steelhead.
All photos courtesy Montana Angler

As September rolls around each year, I can start to feel the chill in the air each morning, causing my mind to drift to another place: British Columbia, where big, wild, trophy steelhead are. . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LVII: Brian Kozminski

Kozminski feels blessed by the miles and miles of quality water near his home in northern Michigan.
All photos courtesy Brian Kozminski

Brian Kozminski (or “Koz” to his buddies) is one of those guys I’ve been Facebook friends with for years but whom I’ve never met. It’s clear from our online relationship, however, that this is. . .

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Photos: Swinging Up Steel in British Columbia

This is the kind of wild steelhead that draws anglers from around the world to the Skeena system.
Photo by Jeremy Kehrein

Steelhead anglers around the world view British Columbia as piscatorial Shangri-La. Its beautiful scenery, wild rivers, and large fish that are fond of swung flies make it a Spey-caster’s. . .

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Trout Bum of the Week LII: Chuck Hawkins

Although brown trout and steelhead are Chuck’s maine quarry, he loves fly fishing for anything that swims.
All photos courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Chuck Hawkins is the owner of Hawkins Outfitters, in Traverse City, Michigan. He has been fly fishing for more than 45 years and guiding for half that. He and his wife, Cherie. . .

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