Trout Bum of the Week LII: Chuck Hawkins

Although brown trout and steelhead are Chuck’s maine quarry, he loves fly fishing for anything that swims.
All photos courtesy Chuck Hawkins

Chuck Hawkins is the owner of Hawkins Outfitters, in Traverse City, Michigan. He has been fly fishing for more than 45 years and guiding for half that. He and his wife, Cherie. . .

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Video: The Golden Chrome in the Midwest

The profile page for Shire Life Boys, who made this great video, says they’re from Maryland, but they clearly fish in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, based on the action here. Videos. . .

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Photos of the Day: A Swymphed-Up Steelhead

Written by: Kubie Brown, Orvis Manchester

When the water is low and clear, you need to rethink your tactics, and Kubie Brown’s idea to swing nymphs paid off.
Photo courtesy Kubie Brown

On my day off last week, I saw that the weather was going to be in the high fifties. I was feeling frisky after the long winter, so I drove up to the Salmon River hoping to use my new switch. . .

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Photos: Great Lakes Steelhead and Old Man Winter

This male steelhead slammed a slow swinging angel hair streamer with a white marabou tail.

I recently scouted eight streams in preparation for my upcoming guide trips, which had to be rescheduled due to very late spring runs of steelhead. We are expecting huge pods of. . .

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Photos: Beginner’s Luck on Oregon Steelhead

Is this Heaven?!
Photo by Stuart Pollock

We were recently contacted by Stuart Pollock with these gorgeous photos, and a story to lift your spirits:

To sound like a broken record, winter steelhead fishing is tough.

What is even more difficult is selling winter Oregon chrome to a true Montana trout enthusiast….

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