Pro Tips: Bootfoot or Stockingfoot Waders?

Fishing wader come in two basic styles, but neither stockingfoot nor bootfoot waders are necessarily better than the other. They do, however, offer certain benefits that must be considered before deciding which is right for you and the type of fishing you . . .

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Video: Fly Fishing by the Numbers – What Do They Mean?

Here’s another instructional from Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides, in Austine, Texas. For those who are new to the sport, there are lots of numbers–on fly rods, reels, lines, and leaders–which can get confusing. Alvin walks you through the basics, . . .

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Trout Polyleaders: A Secret Weapon for the Streamer Angler

I love to fish streamers, and on the Battenkill—where the number of trout per mile is relatively low—it’s the best way to cover a lot of water quickly. However, there are times during the year, especially during the next two months, when hatching insects . . .

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Tackle Tune-Up: Fly Line Maintenance

Over the course of a season, your fly line can collect dirt and grime, which make the line more difficult to cast and less likely to float well. Before you get out on the water this year, take the time to clean your fly line. Orvis Grand . . .

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Tackle Tune-Up: Reels

Over the course of a long season, your reel can pick up some dirt and grit, which can hinder its performance. Orvis Grand Rapids Fishing Manager Trent Jackson and associate Paige . . .

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5 Tips for Preparing Your Lines and Reels for a New Season

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Spend a few minutes giving your reel and line a tune-up. . .or you might live to regret it.
Photo by Tim Linehan

Recently, I was going through gear in preparation for my first guide trip of the season. As I started pulling line off a reel, I immediately noticed two things. First, the line was filthy and instead of. . .

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Pro Tips: A Good Checklist Can Protect You from Your Own Stupidity

Written by: Robert Morselli

You don’t want to forget your rod and end up like this guy, fishing with a hot dog fork (story here).
Photo by Bryan Eldredge

The first time, I took along the correct rods, but wrong reels and lines. Real smart, I know. Yes, I fished, but felt like a complete dope the entire day. The second time, I arrived at my. . .

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