Pro Tips: Protect Yourself from Sun and Bugs

Fly fishers spend a lot time battling the elements, but some problems are easier to solve than others. For instance cold, wind, and rain have obvious solutions: Just add more clothing–whether it’s a waterproof jacket, a whole . . .

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Pro Tips: Bootfoot or Stockingfoot Waders?

Written by: Tim Daughton

Bootfoot waders (far left) offer certain advantages in cold weather and for more (ahem) big-boned anglers. Stockingfoot waders (center) and wading boots are more comfortable, stable, and are better for situations
where you need to walk or hike.

Neither stockingfoot nor bootfoot waders are necessarily better than the other. They do, however, offer certain benefits that must be considered before deciding which is right for you and the . . .

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Win a 6-Weight H3 in Our “Best of 2017” Photo Contest!

The 9-foot 6-weight is the latest addition to the lineup, and it’s available in both D (distance) and F (feel) models.

On Saturday, Vermont’s regular trout season ended, which means that everyone around here is slightly depressed and is reliving the highlights of their year on the water. To make ourselves . . .

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Pro Tip: Cleaning and Storing Your Gear for the Off-Season

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and lubing your reels.
Photo via

It’s the final day of Vermont’s open trout season, and since many other states also close for spawning and winter, it seems appropriate to post this primer for how to ensure that your gear is ready to go next time you hit the water, which may be months away.

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Win a “Citron” Hydros SL Reel in Our Latest Giveaway!

The color give Hydros SL lover a new option and a way to spice-up their rigs.

Fishing season is still not quite up to speed here in Vermont, as high water and frigid temperatures have delayed hatches and made the trout pretty sluggish. To help build anticipation for better . . .

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