Meet the Winner of Our Helios 2 Sweepstakes

Andy Wilson is adding a 10-weight to his quiver of Helios 2s.
Photo courtesy Andy Wilson

Last month, we launched a sweepstakes to give away a Helios 2 fly rod, and our winner was Andy Wilson of Lacy Washington. Here’s what Andy has to say about himself: . . .

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Will 2014 be the “Summer of Glass”?

Chad and Nick have been putting the new glass rods through their paces in Idaho.
Photo by Chad Chorney

Chad Chorney, who guides at Picabo Angler in Idaho, sent in these gorgeous photos, along with his personal review of the new Superfine Glass fly rods. Check out more of. . .

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Gear Review: The New Orvis Helios 2 Switch Rod

Written by: Reid Baker, Freestone Outfitters

The Helios 2 Switch Rod in action, swinging for summer-run steelhead.
All photos by Reid Baker

[Editor’s note: Don’t forget to enter our Helios 2 Switch Rod giveaway, which has just three days left.]

Having spent the last several years being enamored with two-handed fly rods—and in particular using them for chasing anadromous fish in the Pacific Northwest—I have cast a wide variety of rods in a variety of sizes and settings. I was drawn to. . .

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