Classic Pro Tips: 8 Must-Have Flies for Winter Fishing

Written by: The staff of Trouts Fly Fishing
Just a handful of staple patterns will get the job done during the winter months. Photo by Phil Monahan
We are very fortunate in Colorado that we have the opportunity to fish 365 days a year. And though we are now in December and it’s probably time to put away that hopper box until . . .
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Tuesday Tip: Using a Sweep Set for Better Hook-Ups

When you're fishing downstream, the sweep set will result in many more hook-ups. Photo via the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center
When you’re either fishing downstream or have a lot of slack on the water—for instance when you’re making slack-line casts, such as a pile cast or a curve cast—setting the hook can be difficult. Because there’s a lot of slack on the water, if you simply raise your rod tip, all you’re doing is picking up the slack. Depending on how. . .
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Video Tuesday Tip: How to Tie Your Own Tapered Leader

Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions knows about more than fly tying. Although we love posting his step-by-step tying videos every Wednesday, we are equally excited about. . .
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Classic Video Tip: How to Properly Dress a Dry Fly

There are certain processes in fly fishing that seem obvious and self-evident, but then you learn that there's a better, more effective way to do it. In this video, Steve Galletta of Bighorn Angler—on the Bighorn River in. . .
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Video: Tom Rosenbauer on How to Fish Moving Water

Full episodes of "The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing" TV show are coming online slowly, and the latest is an excellent lesson on how to fish for trout in moving water. Tom Rosenbauer discusses. . .
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Pro Tips: How to Catch the Biggest Fish of Your Life

Written by: Matthew Calderaro
Calderaro hunted this awesome marble trout for a week on the Soca River. (See the video below.) Photo courtesy Matthew Calderaro
Catching big fish requires a fly angler to switch their mindset from fishing to hunting. If an angler can commit to this switch, the results can be fantastic and open a whole new world of. . .
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Pro Tips: How To Choose the Right Fly Rod Size

With the holidays approaching, many of you might be putting "New Fly Rod!" on your lists of potential gifts. But this raises the question: What size fly rod do you want/need? As I explain in the above video, this question is really. . .
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Classic Tuesday Tips: How to Tie and Fish Tandem Rigs

The classic "hopper-dropper" is but one option for fishing two flies in tandem. Photo by Phil Monahan
Although multi-fly rigs have been around for centuries and have always remained popular in Europe, fishing more than one pattern was nearly a forgotten science in this country until. . .
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