Video: “What Would Hank Do?” Episode I

One of the amazing things about Hank Patterson is that he just never stops giving. I mean, he has already offered us countless pieces of fly-fishing wisdom and advice; how could we expect more? Yet here he is, answering questions from fans in a new segment called “What Would Hank Do?” This guy deserves a Nobel Prize.

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Fly-Fishing History: Battling Trout, ca. 1878

Charles Dudley Warner

[Editor’s note: From time to time, we like to look back at the literature of fly fishing to see how anglers viewed the sport we love. Here’s a fun passage from Charles Dudley Warner, who always wrote with a healthy dose of humor, which perhaps explains his long friendship with Mark Twain.]

Trout fishing. . .would be a more attractive pastime than it is but for the popular notion of its danger. The trout is a retiring and harmless animal, except when he is aroused and forced into a combat; and then his agility, fierceness, and vindictiveness become apparent. No one who has studied the. . .

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Video: The Art of Stalking Rising Fish

Sometimes you run across a video that so perfectly illustrates its point, you don’t need any further explanation. I think you’ll see what I mean. I applaud Peter Broomhall for putting this online to educate the rest of us.

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Video: Hank Patterson Episode #7 on Essential Gear

The World’s Greatest Fly-Fishing Guide is back with more incredibly useful instruction to make you a better angler. . .and a better person. Hank Patterson and Crazy Reese let you know exactly what you need to get started in fly fishing, plus Hank offers important on-the-water tips on hook-setting and catch-phrase-creating. Sometimes I have to. . .

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Video: Double Rainbow!

We know that Dave and Amelia Jensen produce fabulous photos and videos from their annual adventures, but this one just might take the cake for both its amazing fly-fishing action and its hilarious theme. If you don’t get. . .

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