A Beer that Pairs Well with Conservation

Cherry Street Brewing Company has partnered with Orvis to craft a special beer called “Helen Yeah”—the official beer of a cleaner Chattahoochee River—which supports conservation efforts in the North Georgia Mountains. This collaboration not only . . .

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Tim Flagler Named 2022 Fly Tyer of the Year

Today, Fly Tyer magazine announced that its most prestigious annual award–Fly Tyer of the Year–would go to Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions. Editor Dave Klausmeyer wrote: “Over the past few of years, when communicating with this . . .”

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OK, Be Honest: What’s Your Fly-Fishing Pet Peeve?

These are hemostats, but each one is a hemostat.
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Okay, let’s start right out by acknowledging the obvious: a pet peeve is, by definition, something inconsequential. It’s nothing more than a nit that you can’t help from picking. And it’s been . . .

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