Photo of the Day: That’s A Lot of Bull. . .Trout

Bull trout will often slam big streamers in spring, when the water is cool.
Photo courtesy Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox, who guides for PRO Outfitters in Montana, sent us this great photo, along with a note:

I caught this bull trout a few weeks ago while streamer-fishing with my new Access rod. I set up the 6-weight with a 200-grain streamer tip and one of my Sculpzilla-style flies–dark olive and black with a good bit of. . .

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Photos and Story of An Amazing Catch: Sturgeon on the Fly

Carp are certainly cool, but a sturgeon on a fly is downright amazing.
photo by Mark Vandehey

[Editor’s Note: Oregon angler “John Montana,” who runs the Carp on the Fly blog sent me these amazing photos and the story behind them today. All I can say is “Wow.”]

On Sunday, I was on the flats chasing carp with my buddies David Nakamoto and Mark Vandehey (the man behind the camera), when a good day quickly turned into an. . .

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Photos of the Day: Chrissy Is Crushing the Hendrickson Hatch

That is a whole lot of wild brown trout to take on a dry fly.
photo by photo by Jeremy Kehrein


As demonstrated by Sam Brown’s beautiful trout we featured last week, the Hendricksons are happening on the Battenkill here in southwestern Vermont. Christine Penn—Merchandise Coordinator and Analyst for Orvis Rod and Tackle—has been putting in her time on the water, and here are the spoils of her efforts. She took the fish below. . .

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Photo of the Day: The Nunya River Rendezvous 2003

PNW Rendez 03

The annual March rendezvous on the Nunya River in Idaho, circa 2003.
photo by Earl Harper

Many of us have been meeting to fish together for over 30 years. We’ve rendezvoused on the Green, San Juan, and Crowsnest rivers, to the Blackfoot and Crowley Lakes, and now we meet yearly on the Nunya* River in Idaho. Dick Dahlgren, on the far right, built the cabin from three turn-of-the-century abandoned cowboy cabins that he found, photographed, numbered, tore down, and re-assembled as one. He has since. . .

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Photo of the Day: Brown’s Battenkill Brown

Postprod Fish

The Hendricksons are hatching on the Battenkill, bringing big trout to the surface.
photo by Shawn Combs

A finance analyst, Sam Brown isn’t in the Rod & Tackle department here at Orvis, but he obviously knows how to wield a fly rod (aside from being the current office 40-yard dash champion). He took this fine brown trout last night on the Battenkill, while floating a New York stretch with rod designer Shawn Combs and casting instructor Pete Kutzer. Here’s his story: . . .

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Fly-Fishing Picture of the Day: El Capitan de Brook Trout

Written by: Greg Hocevar

It’s no monster, but this Yosemite brook trout displays amazing colors.
Photo by photo courtesy Greg Hocevar

People generally don’t think of Yosemite National Park as a fly-fishing destination. They think of its sheer granite cliffs—Half Dome and El Capitan—the waterfalls, Yosemite Valley, and the High Sierra. At some point during my time fly fishing, my thinking and perspective has gone from catching as many fish as I can, to catching the biggest fish I can, to catching fish in the most. . .

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