Photo Essay: Writers’ Retreat at Orvis and in the Catskills

Some of the biggest names in the fly-fishing press—of both the online and “dead tree” variety—get ready
to tour the Orvis Rod Shop in manchester, Vermont. How many can you name?
All photos by Brian O’Keefe

Last week, Orvis hosted a large group of fly-fishing writers, editors, and photographers for a few days of meetings and a tour of the Rod Shop, followed by a trip to the Catskills to wet a line. One of the great things about this business is. . .

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Orvis News Readers’ Photos, Volume I

The size 18 Yellow Humpy was on fire for Mike Hamline on Chalk Creek, outside Buena Vista, Colorado.
Photo by Mike Hamline

On Monday, I posted about how you can send in your photos to appear on the Orvis News, and I’ve already received some great submissions. I’ll post some readers’ photos as singles, others in batches, or however else seems appropriate. A few of these had been. . .

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