Podcast: All About Floating Lines, with Josh Jenkins

Josh Jenkins with a fat smallmouth from Michigan’s Lake St. Clair.
Photo via Instagram

This week, I interview Josh Jenkins, Research and Development manager for Scientific Anglers. Josh, along with his crew, is responsible for all the cool new technology in fly lines. Floating lines are confusing because there are . . .

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Podcast: Landlocked Salmon, with Jeff LeBree

Jeff LaBree out on the water during the Maine summer.
Photo courtesy Jeff LeBree

A number of listeners have been asking for a show about landlocked Atlantic salmon, and for that I can think of no one better than a native Mainer. Jeff LeBree has been fishing for “landlocks” in his native state for over 50 years, and for 17 of those . . .

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Podcast: Guiding for Permit, with Captain Will Benson

Capt. Will Benson (right) shares the 2017 Del Brown Permit Tournament trophy with Mike Dawes.
Photo courtesy Will Benson

Okay, get ready for this because it’s a long one! I figured that since I had not done a podcast in a couple weeks I would give you your money’s worth, and this podcast includes a long interview . . .

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Podcast: The Secrets to a Good Fly-Fishing Video

In addition to your questions in the Fly Box, Tom is joined in the studio by Orvis News Editor, Phil Monahan. Tom and Phil discuss what makes a great fly-fishing video, touching on subjects such as the ideal length, the proper use of a GoPro. . .

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Classic Podcast: Tom’s Top 5 Tips for Small Streams

In this week’s podcast, we explore the world of small stream trout with 5 detailed tips (mainly because I was too lazy to organize more–actually there are probably about 20 tips included) that cover everything from what rod to. . .

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