Classic Podcast: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, with Peter Stitcher

Peter Stitcher with a gorgeous rainbow.
Photo courtesy Peter Stitcher

This week, I interview aquatic biologist and fly fisher Peter Stitcher, who not only has a great way of organizing fly boxes (a question I have always neglected to answer properly), but he also has . . .

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Podcast: How to be a Great Fly-Fishing Client, with Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins (right) with a client, in 2011.
Photo via Facebook

There’s lots of discussion about what makes a good guide and why some are better than others for a whole host of reasons. But the guide/angler connection is truly a team effort, and there are things a client can do to get more out of the experience and . . .

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Podcast: The Fiberglass Manifesto, with Cam Mortenson

Cam Mortenson with a glass-caught redfish.
Photo courtesy Cameron Mortenson

This week, I have an interesting chat with Cameron Mortenson, the man behind the wildly popular blog The Fiberglass Manifesto. Learn how he got started, what he does for his day job, and of course his thoughts . . .

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Podcast: The World of Competitive Fly Fishing, with Jesse Haller

Jesse Haller with a beautiful brown trout.
Photo via facebook

How do people compete in fly fishing contests? How are they scored? How do the teams work? Where are the competitions held? Most of us don’t have any interest in competing in fly fishing—some of you probably . . .

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Classic Podcast: Advanced Steelhead Tips with Damon Newpher

Damon shows of a fine steelie from a Lake Erie trib.
Photo via Facebook

This week’s podcast is on Great Lakes steelhead fishing, in particular the tributaries to Lake Erie. Damon Newpher, longtime Orvis-endorsed guide, offers advanced tips on some of the . . .

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