Podcast: The World of Competitive Fly Fishing, with Jesse Haller

Jesse Haller with a beautiful brown trout. Photo via facebook
How do people compete in fly fishing contests? How are they scored? How do the teams work? Where are the competitions held? Most of us don’t have any interest in competing in fly fishing—some of you probably . . .
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Classic Podcast: Advanced Steelhead Tips with Damon Newpher

Damon shows of a fine steelie from a Lake Erie trib. Photo via Facebook
This week’s podcast is on Great Lakes steelhead fishing, in particular the tributaries to Lake Erie. Damon Newpher, longtime Orvis-endorsed guide, offers advanced tips on some of the . . .
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Podcast: Your FAQs Answered, with Jeremy Benn of Orvis Tech Support

This week I interview my old friend Jeremy Benn, longtime Orvis employee and head of our Outfitter Team in Roanoke , Virginia. These are the wonderful people who answer all your tackle questions via e-mail, telephone, and live chat. There are certain . . .
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Podcast: Science-Based Tips for Catch and Release, with Sascha Danylchuk

Sascha Danylchuk takes a scientist's perspective on C&R. Photo courtesy Sascha Danylchuk
My guest this week is Sascha Clark Danylchuk, science advisor for KeepEmWet Fishing. Sascha is an angler and a scientist who has studied the effects of various catch-and-release techniques . . .
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Podcast: Late-Season Smallmouths, with Mike Schultz

Mike Schultz shows off a bruiser bronzeback. Photo courtesy Mike Schultz
Do you stop fishing for smallmouth bass when summer ends? If you do, you could be missing the best bass fishing of the year and the chance at your biggest smallmouth. Mike Schultz–of . . .
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Podcast: When you Catch and Keep, with Steven Rinella, a.k.a. the MeatEater

Steven Rinella with an Alaska salmon ready for the cooler. Photo via Facebook
This week, I have a fun discussion with Steve Rinella of the “MeatEater” podcast, TV show, and book. If you’re a diehard catch-and-release-always angler, you may want to pass this . . .
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Podcast: Late Summer Terrestrials, with Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Jenny on her new home water--Montana's Rock Creek. Photo courtesy Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff
This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff—the Orvis-endorsed Freshwater Guide of the Year for 2018. Jenny has recently relocated to Montana to run a lodge . . .
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Phil Monahan on the Itinerant Angler Podcast

I like to joke that I "discovered" Zach Matthews, as I published his first magazine story back in '05 (when I was the editor of American Angler), but the truth is that his Itinerant Angler website . . .
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