“Only Yesterday” by William G. Tapply

Written by: William G. Tapply

Bill Tapply believed in keeping fishing memories alive.
Photo via sportsmanslegacy.com

Yesterday Sarah, my eight-year-old daughter, caught her first fly-rod trout. It was a wild, silvery little cutthroat, seven or eight inches long, and it flashed up from. . .

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Photo of the Day: Girl’s Got Game

Merrill Tode and her Dad, Keith, proudly display her first trout.
Photo by Keith Tode

At an age when most little girls are obsessing about Disney princesses, Merrill Tode, age 8, is more interested in fly fishing. Her fascination began when she was around two or . . .

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A Day of Firsts on Schoharie Creek

Men’s Journal editor Jason Fine with his first smallmouth bass.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

Everybody has an idea of sublime moments in fly fishing. Mine include the rattle of a hooked tarpon’s gills on its first jump, the distant glint of a tailing bonefish on the other side of a shallow flat, the first mayfly of the season tiptoeing across a. . .

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I’m Quitting Fly Fishing. . .Again

Written by: Bryan Eldredge, Falcon’s Ledge

Even big browns like this aren’t worth the time, frustration, and expense. . .right?
Photo courtesy Bryan Eldredge

[Editor’s Note: I was talking about fishing frustration with a colleague this morning, and I was reminded of this gem from Bryan Eldredge. I think we’ve all been there.]

I quit. It’s time to stop wasting my life chasing fish. It’s stupid, really. Pointless. Chase fish. Catch fish. Return fish to the river. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Pointless. The decision came as I trudged away from the river through knee deep snow up a. . .

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Orvis Trout Bum of the Week XXIX: Jan Eckmann

Jan Eckmann has fallen in love with New Zealand’s trout and the backcountry.
All photos courtesy Jan Eckmann

A couple years ago, we ran a series called “Trout Bum of the Week,” in which we highlighted some of the guys living the good life. . .of a sort. (See the bottom of this post for a link to the previous installments.) This is our second round of profiles. Most of the subjects are guides who. . .

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Slovenia, Day Five: A Fantastic Finish

Matt Calderaro throws a nymph up into a canyon pool in search of a marble trout.
Photo by Sandy Hays

For our final day fishing with Matt Calderaro of Worldflyangler, we decided to go back to the small stream where we’d caught the first marble of the trip. It’s a stunning freestone stream at the. . .

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Slovenia Day Four: Into the Soča Canyon

Right off the bat, we were into fish. Look at that pose: just like on my hat.
All photos by Sandy Hays

We awoke this morning to driving rain in Kobarid, so we had a leisurely breakfast and I got some work done. When the weather broke, Matt arrived at our guest house, Pri B’Zjak, and we headed out for. . .

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Slovenia Day Three: Why Are There So Many Songs About Rainbows?

Walking into the Soca River on a glorious morning outside Kobarid, Slovenia.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Today, we kept things close to home by fishing the Soca River just five minutes south of town. It’s a pretty big river, and the shocking blue color of the water is arresting. We parked Matt’s car and walked through some. . .

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