Fish Story: Wyoming is for (Cutthroat) Lovers

Written by: Mike Dawkins

The Cutt Slam program combines education and challenge of catching Wyoming’s four sub-species of trout.
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I, probably like many anglers, have had a love and hate relationship with cutthroat trout. When I first moved to the Jackson Hole area in January of 2005, I could not satisfy my angling appetite for cutthroats. They were different, they were new, they loved to. . .

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Short Casts 09.26.13

See several more macro trout images by George Novak on Derek Grzelewski’s blog.
Photo by George Novak

Editor’s Note: “First Casts” is a regular feature that highlights great fly-fishing content from around the Web—from how-to articles, to photo essays, to interesting reads.

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The Labrador Project, Dispatch #2: The Sounds of Being Alone in the Wilderness

Written by: Aimee Eaton Aimee Eaton is all smiles as she shows off a George River brook trout. All photos by Carter Davidson [Editor’s Note: Aimee Eaton is sending periodic updates from an eight-day adventure through the heart of northeastern Labrador, following portions of the historic Hubbard expedition, in pursuit of native trophy brook trout … Continue reading “The Labrador Project, Dispatch #2: The Sounds of Being Alone in the Wilderness”

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Trip Report: The Road That Was Never There

Written by Jackie Jordan

Jackie, Kelly, and Kit (left to right) may have had a few more adventures than they’d counted on, but they still had a blast chasing trout in southwestern Vermont.
All photos by Jackie Jordan

It’s amazing how easily some things can hide in plain sight. From big fish and small streams to unexplored roads and secret spots, the familiar becomes routine, then it all blends into the background of a work commute or run to the store. If you keep your eyes open—and, in my case, rely on some excellent advice—you’ll be surprised at what you can. . .

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Seasons of the Carp Fisher, and the Quest for a 20-Pounder

Written by: Dan Frasier

This 18-pound carp was tailing in skinny water, and it’s dan’s biggest fly-caught fish to date.
Photo by Dan Frasier

This morning, my windshield was covered in thick dew—a sure sign of cooler nights gnawing at the hot days of summer. Fall will be here soon, cool and glorious and way too short. Winter will follow, locking down any real chance of fishing until late March. In South Dakota, where I live, the winters are. . .

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Fly-Fishing History: Battling Trout, ca. 1878

Charles Dudley Warner

[Editor’s note: From time to time, we like to look back at the literature of fly fishing to see how anglers viewed the sport we love. Here’s a fun passage from Charles Dudley Warner, who always wrote with a healthy dose of humor, which perhaps explains his long friendship with Mark Twain.]

Trout fishing. . .would be a more attractive pastime than it is but for the popular notion of its danger. The trout is a retiring and harmless animal, except when he is aroused and forced into a combat; and then his agility, fierceness, and vindictiveness become apparent. No one who has studied the. . .

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New Issue of “Montana Fly Fishing” Now Online

A great new issue of Montana Fly Fishing has hit the digital newsstand, and it features killer photography, informative articles, and excellent videos. Coming in at 118 pages, it offers something for everyone: articles on Montana’s small streams and hiking in to the backcountry, gear reviews, and artist interviews. Best of all, . . .

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Two Great Posts on Joey Maxim on the “Fly Talk” Blog

Joey Maxim and his dad, Joe, in Montana
Photo via Fly Talk

Podcast listeners will remember 17-year-old Joey Maxim from Tom’s conversation with him this spring. Joey is a young man who discovered fly fishing as he was recovering from a terrible car accident that ended a promising sports career. I had the chance to meet Joey at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula in April, where he was somewhat of a. . .

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