Story: “Getting The Big Picture” on an Alaskan Stream

Written by: Bob Triggs, Washington Fly Fishing

The author (left) shows of a Lower Talarik Creek rainbow landed by angler Bob Kuhn.
Photo courtesy Bob Kuhn

The DeHavilland Beaver lifted off of the quiet lake surface at dawn, leaving a trail of water sluicing off of the trailing edges of the floats. I was being sent out, with the float plane and pilot, and . . .

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Glo Bugs, Tunafish Sandwiches, and Other Inert Materials

High noon on the Bighorn. The August sun was blazing down from a cloudless Montana sky. By midday, the pale-morning-dun hatch had petered out, so Andy and I pulled our drift boat against the bank and tossed the anchor up into the grass. I sat in . . .

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A Father’s Legacy in the Remote Maine Woods

Written by: Matt J. Libby, Libby Camps

Matt P. Libby shows off a gorgeous Maine landlocked salmon.
Photo via Facebook

What do you say about growing up with a living legend? I say that a little in jest, but it’s true. Orvis lifetime achievement award, Legendary Maine Guide Award, Maine Tourism Hall of Fame . . .

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Photos and Story: The Wyoming Two Fly Tournament

Last week I, had the opportunity to participate in the Two Fly Foundation’s annual fundraising fly-fishing tournament in Wyoming. Originally formed to promote corporate philanthropy by companies operating in the Cowboy State, the . . .

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“Secrets of the Littlehorn,” by William G. Tapply

The Littlehorn River begins at the outlet of a small cottage-rimmed pond, follows the old Boston & Maine railroad tracks behind gas stations and strip malls and suburban backyards, passes under three highway bridges, and ends several aimless miles . . .

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Discovering a Small-Stream Gem in Yellowstone National Park

For years, I’ve driven over the tiny trickle that is Cascade Creek en route to Canyon and the tourist havens at the upper and lower Yellowstone Falls. To me, these features are the most photogenic in all of Yellowstone—Old Faithful is nice, and the drive . . .

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Podcast: Funny and Bizarre Stories from River Guides

This week, fresh from the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Montana, I returned with a bunch of stories and tips I recorded in a bar with some full-time, professional Orvis-endorsed guides. Some stories are bizarre, some funny, and some touching. I also . . .

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The Doc, the River, and Lessons Learned

Doctor Hays casts one of his Leonard bamboo rods–left to him by his father–on Maine’s Rapid River.
Photos by Sandy Hays

Although I had been a fisherman since early childhood, I didn’t learn to fly-fish until I was in graduate school at the University of New Hampshire. My older brother, Brian, lived nearby, . . .

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