Video: How to Cast a Fly Rod, the Basics

The most popular casting video that Pete Kutzer has ever done is “The Basic Fly Cast” (below), which has been viewed almost 1.2 million times. But I am a big believer that people learn in . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Cast to Very Spooky Trout

Today’s Master Class Monday video by Dave and Amelia Jensen is an Orvis-exclusive in which Dave offers great advice on how to approach very spooky fish in small streams. The second these trout are aware of your presence, they’re gone, so you need to . . .

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Podcast: All About Sinking Lines, with Josh Jenkins

A few weeks ago, I did a podcast on floating fly lines with Josh Jenkins of Scientific Anglers. Not only was it popular, but I also hinted that we might do one on sinking lines, which produced a minor barrage of requests for one. So here it is. You’ll learn . . .

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Classic Pro Tips: How to Become a Fly-Fishing Guide

The author poses at the headwaters of Alaska’s Gibraltar River in 1995.

When I decided that I wanted to spend my summers a fishing guide—I was in graduate school at the time—I didn’t really know how to go about becoming one, so I used a shotgun approach. I applied to literally every lodge and outfitter I could find in Alaska and the Rocky Mountain. . .

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Video: Basic Insect Identification for Fly Fishers

Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, is back with another informative and humorous video seasoned with a few cranky opinions that are sure to ruffle some feathers. Sittig makes use of his Fisheries Biology degree to give a . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Untangle Knots in Your leader

Fly fishermen are masters of euphemism when it comes to tangled leaders. “Oh, look. I’ve got a wind knot,” an angler will say on the even the most flat-calm day.  Sorry, my friend, but the wind had nothing to do with that knot, which was surely caused by. . .

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Pro Tips: Gearing Up for Early-Season Winds

Written by: Luke Lowery, The Tackle Shop

Things can get gusty in spring, which means your tackle needs to be up to snuff.
Photo courtesy The Tackle Shop

Spring is one of the best times to fish in Southwest Montana. However, with the arrival of spring come the dreaded windy days. Many anglers head out to the river to battle against gale. . .

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