Video: How to Catch Pike and Musky on a Fly

Catching a big pike or musky on a fly is considered by many to be one of the best experiences you can have with a fly rod. These fish are super aggressive, and their strikes are often vicious and explosive. In this . . .
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Video: One Simple Tip to Catch More Fish in Winter

Here's a smart and simple tip from the folks at Fly Fishing and Dreams that will help you catch more fish in the cold, clear water of winter, when you're probably chucking very small. . .
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Pro Tips: How to Fish Midge Patterns in Winter

Written by: Zach Matthews, Itinerant Angler
Tailwater trout, such as this Bighorn brown, often key on small midges. Photo by Steve Galleta, Bighorn Angler
You’ve probably been there. Two hours from home, halfway through the thermos of coffee, knee-deep in cold water on a cold day, and not a single, solitary fish to show for it. They’re taunting . . .
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Video Pro Tip: Stay Late in Winter

Winter fly fishing is almost always about good moments. It's rare to have good fishing all day when the temperatures are low. Instead, there are usually brief windows of time when the fish decide to bite. In this video, Joe Rotter from . . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Catch Trout in Lakes

A river may run through it, but there are also lots of trout that live in lakes and ponds. In this great how-to video from The New Fly Fisher, Bill Spicer and Phil Rowley walk you through the basics of . . .
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Pro Tips: Tim’s Top 3 Streamers for Winter in Montana

Winter fishing can be very rewarding. Here are some tips on winter streamer fishing, including my three favorite Montana winter streamers. During the winter, a trout’s metabolism slows down considerably, . . .
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Pro Tips: You Really DO Need a Good Net

Written by: Darcy Toner, Faceless Fly Fishing Media
Using a net will improve both your catch rate and your photography. Photo by Faceless Fly Fishing Media
However much we like to think that we are doing the fish a favor, even catch-and-release fishing can be stressful for them, especially some species of trout. So it is up to us as a community to do our best to . . .
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Podcast: Picking and Fishing, with Chris Pandolfi of the Infamous Stringdusters

Chris Pandolfi doing his two favorite things. Photos via Facebook
This week we talk fly-fishing with Chris Pandolfi, vocalist and banjo player for The Infamous Stringdusters, a multiple award-winning bluegrass band (including the 2018 Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album, . . .
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