Tom’s Top 7 Early-Season Streamers

This springtime rainbow was holding in deep water below a highway bridge in western Massachusetts.
Photo by Joe Phillips

In Tuesday’s post, “How to Fish Streamers in the Early Season,” I explained that I prefer flies that have some movement of their own, like ones with marabou and rabbit fur, because they work . . .

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Video: How to Jig Streamers in High, Muddy Water

Here’s a great video from George Daniel, in which he explains and demonstrates how jigging a flashy streamer right along the bank can draw strikes from hungry trout. It doesn’t take long for him to demonstrate proof of concept, as he hooks up . . .

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Podcast: Keep Yourself in Shape for Fishing Season

Sooner or later, if you fish a lot, you will develop issues with your elbows or shoulders. And it’s not just us old geezers–I often meet much younger anglers with the same problems. Anita Coulton is both a fishing guide for Crosscurrent Guide Service and a . . .

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Pro Tips: Protect Yourself from Sun and Bugs

Fly fishers spend a lot time battling the elements, but some problems are easier to solve than others. For instance cold, wind, and rain have obvious solutions: Just add more clothing–whether it’s a waterproof jacket, a whole . . .

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Classic Tuesday Tip: How to Unravel a Knotless, Tapered Leader

Form the fingers of your left hand into a cone, slide the coils over the cone, and then spread your fingers.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Do you ever have trouble getting a new knotless, tapered leader from the package to the end of your line? When I was a guide, I used to watch anglers struggle with this all the time. Sometimes they’d end up with a tangle bad enough that. . .

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