Video Pro Tips: How to Fight Big Fish in Salt Water

Here's a bunch of tips from the chapter called "Offshore/Near-Shore Fly Fishing" on the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center. Fighting big fish in the salt is a lot different from fighting. . .
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Pro Tips: How to Set the Hook While Nymphing

Written by: Geoff Stevens, Teton Fishing Co. LLC

Why do most wives outfish their husbands? Because they set the hook on everything.
Photo by Geoff Stevens
I recently had the honor of taking a fellow guide and his wife on a trip for large rainbows. He was a top-notch guide for trophy bass. Neither had fly fished before, and after a short lesson on. . .
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Video Pro Tips: How to Fish a Streamer on a Floating Line

At last year’s Fly Fishing Show in New Jersey, I was talking to another angler about my favorite way to fish streamers when all I have is a floating line or when the water is too low to use a . . .
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Pro Tips: Two Stretches to Help You Cast Better

Folks who travel to far-flung destinations to fish may not have cast a fly rod for weeks or even months. Louis Cahill of Gink & Gasoline was teaching a bonefish school at Bair's Lodge in The Bahamas when he discovered that one of his clients was . . .
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Master Class Monday: How to Catch Cruising Trout

During winter and early spring, your best bet for finding feeding trout is in slower water. In slow currents, trout sometimes cruise because the current does not bring them enough food. Having . . .
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Podcast: The Seven Deadly Sins of Streamer Fishing, with Josh Nugent

Josh Nugent with a gorgeous brown.
Photo via Facebook
Our friend and Orvis-endorsed guide Josh Nugent--of Out Fly Fishing Outfitters in Calgary--was in town last week, and I grabbed him to do a podcast. Josh did one with me a few years ago entitled “The Seven Deadly Sins of . . .
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Pro Tips: Slap That Cougar

This gorgeous brown fell to a slapped-down streamer in the high, muddy water of spring.
Photos by George Daniel
When you’re streamer fishing in high and off-color water, the rules of “gentle” trout presentations go out the door. Trout, like other fish, possess a repertoire of senses for feeding. In clear water, trout may use sight (just one . . .
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Pro Tips: Four Hot Tips on Tippets

One of the easiest ways to improve your presentation in your trout fishing is to pay more attention to your tippet.  It’s as important as the fly pattern you choose, and the size and length and. . .
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