Video Pro Tips: Rod Weights, Carp Tactics, and More

In episode #3, Flechsig answers the questions “What’s the best rod for a newbie angler?” and “What are some good flies and tactics for carp?” Flechsig’s answers, as usual, are comprehensive and illuminating. His description of how you should present . . .

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Tuesday Tips: 3 Keys to Catching Bass on Topwater Bugs

This chunky largemouth fell for a deer-hair slider, the Umpqua Swim Frog diver.
Photo by Reid Bryant

Catching largemouth bass on surface flies is a lot of fun, but it’s not as easy as you might think. Bass aren’t like northern pike, almost always willing to chase down a big meal. In fact, bass. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Treat a Trout Right

I receive a lot of photographs of great fish from anglers out in the field. Most photos are well done, but many are unpublishable for a simple reason: the photo shows poor fish-handling technique. I won’t post a photo with a. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Wade-Fish for Bass and Panfish in the Weeds

Largemouths holding in weedbeds make for great summertime action.
Photo by Drew Price

Everyone knows that bass loves weeds in the summer, but to cover big weed beds efficiently, you often need a boat (although not necessarily a sparkly one). Especially in the South, the lake. . .

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