Video Tuesday Tip: How to Make an Aerial Mend

Welcome to another installment of “Ask an Orvis Fly-Fishing Instructor,” with me, Peter Kutzer. In this episode, I demonstrate how to make aerial mends in your line, creating an upstream or downstream mend before your. . .

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Video: How to Tie the Davy Knot and Double Davy Knot

The Davy Knot (bottom) is considerably less obtrusive than the standard Clinch Knot.

Last October, we posted a video on tying the Davy Knot by my friend Zach Matthews. With all due respect to Zach, the folks at Tightline productions have got higher. . .

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Podcast: Fishing for Freshwater Stripers with Henry Cowen

This week, I had a great talk with Henry Cowen on freshwater stripers. Henry is a saltwater angler and fly tier of great experience who brought his talents to freshwater stripers, and he has some wonderful tips for finding these big guys, flies to use, and techniques to get them to. . .

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Podcast: Nymphing with Joe Humphreys

This week I don’t have much of a Fly Box, because I just have not been getting many questions from listeners. Where are you? I’m lonely here. But I do have a big interview with the great Joe Humphreys, a savvy, iconoclastic fly fisher whom I’ve admired for. . .

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Podcast: The Helios vs. Helios 2, plus the Fly Box!

Warning: This week’s podcast, beside the usual Fly Box questions, contains a blatant commercial plug. I am often asked the difference between the original Helios and Helios 2 rods, and I think we have spelled it out pretty well in our. . .

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Pro Tip: Teaching with Tenkara

Written by: Jim Mitchell, Montana Hunting & Fishing Adventures

Bonnie Mitchell shows off the fruits of her Tenkara skills.
Photo courtesy Jim Mitchell

My story is not uncommon: My wife, Bonnie, didn’t like to fly fish. Every time we would go out and I would try to teach her, in her eyes I was being a jerk, telling her how it must be done. This was frustrating because, as an. . .

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Pro Tip: How to Fish High, Off-Color Water

Written by: Tim Linehan

Gerry shows off one of many trout that fell for a jigged nymph during high water.
Photo by by Tim Linehan

In the spring, daily conditions can change dramatically. Wednesday it’s cool, overcast, and the river is in great shape. Thursday you show up at the boat ramp to find that thunder storms in. . .

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