Video Pro Tips: How to Time Your Fly Cast

A few years ago, the folks at Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio, launched a new series about fly casting. In the latest episode, Brian Flechsig talks how you should think about rhythm and timing in fly casting. In fact, he even does away with the . . .

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Podcast: All About Midges, with Rick Hafele

I get a lot of questions about midges and their life cycle, so I thought I would invite a professional entomologist to give us an overview of these insects and how to imitate them. Rick Hafele has not only been an entomologist all his working life, but . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fish Midge Patterns in Winter

Written by: Zach Matthews, Itinerant Angler

Tailwater trout, such as this Bighorn brown, often key on small midges.
Photo by Steve Galleta, Bighorn Angler

You’ve probably been there. Two hours from home, halfway through the thermos of coffee, knee-deep in cold water on a cold day, and not a single, solitary fish to show for it. They’re taunting . . .

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Stream to Salt IX: How to Pace Yourself

We’ve already discussed both the importance of covering water and how to cover water in previous installments, but because trout anglers tend to be accustomed to relatively consistent fishing action, it’s important to explore how. . .

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Video: How to Cast Large Flies, with Blane Chocklett

The folks at Mad River Outfitters in Columbus, Ohio, have been making videos about fly casting for a couple years now, and the 19th in the series features Blane Chocklett, inventor of the Game Changer streamer. Big streamers present casters with a . . .

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Podcast: Where Flies Come From, with Steve Carew

My guest this week is Steve Carew of Fulling Mill. Steve is the guy who gets fly patterns from an original sample to those gorgeous flies you see in the fly bins of your local Orvis store or dealer. How do commercial flies get made? Who are these people who . . .

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