Pro Tips: Top 5 Autumn Olive Patterns

A blue-winged olive emerges from its nymphal shuck.
Photo by Stemonitis, via Wikipedia

Everybody loves the blue-winged olive hatches of spring, when the mayflies emerge on cloudy or even snowy days. It’s often the first great dry-fly fishing of the year, and the bugs are . . .

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Video: How to Swing Flies for Steelhead

Lots of anglers catch Great Lakes steelhead by drifting egg patterns and the like, but the more traditional method of swinging flies for these fish is becoming increasingly popular. In this great full-length episode of The New Fly . . .

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Video Pro Tips: Fall Streamer Fishing

The arrival of fall brings lower, colder water conditions to most rivers. While this seasonal change can sometimes put a damper on hatches, it can also create ideal conditions for streamer fishing. In this educational video, released. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fish Two Nymphs at the Same Time

Here’s a solid primer from fly-fishing Livingston, Montana-based instructor Matt Wilhelm, offers a basic lesson on how to rig a double-nymph setup. Fishing two nymphs at the same time can result in more hookups, and it can help you get a small fly . . .

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Pro Tips: The Keys to Learning the Bonefish Game

Written by: Greg Vincent, H2O Bonefishing

Catching a bonefish is an accomplishment for any angler, novice or expert.
Photo courtesy H20 Bonefishing

Every year, hundreds of new anglers join the migration to the tropics in search of what many consider to be one of the world’s finest light-tackle game fish: bonefish. Here in The Bahamas, we are fortunate to have hundreds of . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Catch Tripletail this Fall

As fall descends on southern Florida, various migratory fish species return to our coastal waters, having spent the summer in colder areas farther north. One of my favorite opportunities during this time of year is sight-fishing. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Catch Fall-Run Great Lakes Steelhead

Fall offers many different angling opportunities, but here in the Great Lakes region, the first steelhead of the season are entering river systems, angry and ready to eat. They’re mostly following the spawning king salmon, feeding. . .

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