Video Pro Tips: Casting Lessons from Master Instructors

Our friends at Scientific Anglers have produced an excellent series of casting-instruction videos hosted by two modern masters: Bruce Richards and Jeff Wagner. Richards was the longtime head fly-line designer for Scientific Anglers and is responsible . . .

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Pro Tips: To Catch More Fish, Do Your Homework

There is an old adage in angling that “ten percent of the fishermen catch ninety percent of the fish.” While the numbers aren’t that important, there are people who are super fishy and catch more than others. What are the things that they do differently . . .

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Video: Nothing But Fly-Fishing Tips & Tricks

Over the course of a season while making “The New Fly Fisher” TV show, the hosts film a plethora of tips and tricks–a few of which end up in each episode. In this special video, they’ve put together all the top tips and tricks from the last season in a . . .

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Pro Tips: Fishing Montana’s Smaller Trout Streams

Written by: The Staff of Montana Angler

It’s not the Madison or the Yellowstone, but streams like this offer great fly fishing for trout.
All photos courtesy Montana Angler

As the winter snow flies in Montana, it is easy for the mind to wander to warmer days spent exploring the intimate streams that we fly anglers hold near and dear to our hearts. Perhaps a sense of . . .

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Video: The Keys to On-Stream Etiquette

this week’s how-to video from Ben Sittig, a.k.a Huge Fly Fisherman, he wades into a topic important to all anglers: fly-fishing etiquette. If read enough blogs or forums, you’ll see plenty of folks complaining that on-stream manners have gone . . .

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Pro Tips: A Good Checklist Can Protect You from Your Own Stupidity

Written by: Robert Morselli

You don’t want to forget your rod and end up like this guy, fishing with a hot dog fork (story here).
Photo by Bryan Eldredge

The first time, I took along the correct rods, but wrong reels and lines. Real smart, I know. Yes, I fished, but felt like a complete dope the entire day. The second time, I arrived at my. . .

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Pro Tips: What Does “Anodized” Mean for a Fly Reel?

Whenever you see advertising copy for a fly reel, it usually mentions that the metal is anodized. The copy might even note that there’s a special type of anodizing involved. (For instance, the description of the Mirage Fly Reels includes “Military-spec . . .

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