Video Pro Tips: How (and Why) to Make a Tuck Cast

A few years ago, Pete Kutzer made a short and sweet video about how to make a tuck cast, which taught just the basic casting motion. In the video above, Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outfitters goes into waaaay more depth and detail, offering . . .

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Master Class Monday: The Rule of Small

When you’re fishing clear water in times of prolonged drought, trout are very likely to have seen pressure. Typically, anglers use larger flies that cause enough surface disturbance that trout . . .

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Classic Pro Tip: How to Tie the Nail-less Nail Knot

Here’s a great demonstration of how to tie a nail knot when you don’t have a special tool or an actual nail. This comes in handy when you have to attach a leader to a fly line on the water. This isn’t a knot you’ll use every day, but when you need it, . . .

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Video Pro Tips: 3 Ways to Improve your Double-Haul

A crisp double-haul will open more fly angling “doors” than any other casting skill, expanding the pool of options to include saltwater and stillwater fishing, among others. That’s why so many anglers are eager to master it,. . .

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Pro Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Bank Shots

By William G. Tapply

Stalking the banks can often produce surprisingly large trout.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Bill Rohrbacher and I picked our lunch site for the shade of the lonely cottonwood, the gurgle of the river, and the upstream view. The brown-and-yellow Montana plains rolled off to distant . . .

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Video: Understanding Different Kinds of Bucktail Hair

Many patterns call for bucktail hair, but you need to know your way around the bucktail itself to choose the kind of hair right for each application. Tim explains the differences among hair from the top third, middle, and bottom third of the tail, and he . . .

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