The Nymphing Method that Shocked the Fly-Fishing World

Written by: Richard R. Twarog

Wladyslaw “Vladi” Trzebunia blew everyone’s mind at the 1989 World Fly Fishing Championships.
Photos by Richard R. Twarog

What a sight. The year was 1989. The place was Kuusamo, Finland. The event was the World Fly Fishing Championship. A gaggle of journalists and bystanders were following and watching in . . .

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Tuesday Tips: Advanced Streamer Tactics for Fall Trout

Orvis’s Shawn Combs caught this 17-inch beauty on Utah’s Green River on a Mike’s Meal Ticket.
Photo copyright Douglas Barnes, Now Picture This

When the nights turn cool and leaves change colors, trout start to feed more aggressively, often abandoning their notorious wariness. The major insect hatches of the year are over, and a. . .

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Tuesday Tips: Floating Line or Sinking Tip for Streamers?

The combination of a sinking tip and a heavy fly allows you to get very deep very quickly.
Photo by Phil Monahan

I do a lot of streamer fishing because my home river, the Battenkill, has a low trout-per-mile number, so you need to cover a lot of water to find the fish. Also, Battenkill browns don’t rise . . .

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