Podcast: Tom’s First Facebook Live Q & A

Last Friday, Tom took questions for an hour in his first Facebook Live broadcast. We took the audio of the show and uploaded it for those of you who may have missed it or who don’t . . .

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Video: How to Find Good Fishing Close to Home

Not all of us are lucky enough to live within a few miles of a famous fly-fishing spot on the Madison, the Delaware, or in salt water. And even if you are a few hours from great fishing, you may not. . .

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Pro Tips: Doc’s Top 5 Terrestrial Flies

The proverbial dog days of summer are upon us—often a time when people think fishing is slow, with not many obvious insects for trout to eat. On the contrary, the dog days of summer aren’t. . .

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Psychology 101: How to Manage Fly-Fishing Frustration

Written by: Justin Collmann

Justin Collmann, a clinical psychology graduate student, believes that fly
fishers can help manage their own frustration on the water.
Photo courtesy Justin Collmann

One October a couple years ago, I was standing at the lip of the first pool on my home stream in Shenandoah National Park and casting across the current to a fishy undercut boulder on the far side. No sooner had I dropped my fly in the still water behind the rock than. . .

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