Pro Tips: Use Your GoPro as a Fly-Fishing Coach

Written by: George Daniel, Livin On The Fly

A dry fly stuck in Goerge’s ear on the Yellowstone River, the result of a crap cast. The footage
showed his shoulder dropping and twisting during the cast, which caused a collision course.
Photo by George Daniel

As the saying goes, “a picture doesn’t lie.” In this case, “a video doesn’t lie.” Originally, I purchased my GoPro to capture the highlights of my fishing adventures, including epic streamer eats and . . .

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Pro Tips: Top 10 Nymphs for When Trout Aren’t Keying on Anything Specific

Written by: Bryan Eldredge

eldredge 3

Higa’s S.O.S., tied super big and heavy, is a great point fly.
photo by Bryan Eldredge

Sometimes, trout in rivers don’t seem to be eating one particular insect, so what’s a fly fisherman to do? I carry a collection of patterns that catch fish during those times when you simply can’t. . .

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9 Patterns for the Tax Day Caddis Hatch

Written by: Doc Thompson

During caddis season, it helps to carry a variety of useful patterns.
Photo courtesy Doc Thompson

The Caddis hatch is happening on the Rio Grande right now, which got me to thinking of some productive caddisfly patterns. The water is a bit high but definitely fishing and seeing some. . .

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Podcast: An Excellent Introduction to Drift Boats, with Hilary Hutcheson

Hilary Hutcheson shares her driftboat with daughters Ella and Delaney, and she gets to fish.
Photo via Facebook

I frequently get requests for a podcast about drift boats, and although I enjoy rowing one, most people don’t let me row their boat unless they are really desperate. So I called on an expert, . . .

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Top 5 Patterns for the Early-Season Skwala Hatch

Written by: Mike Canady of Ellensburg Angler

This gorgeous Deschutes rainbow fell for a Chubby Chernobyl.
Photo by Damien Nurre

Skwalas are a smallish (sizes 8-10) olive-bodied stonefly, which become active in late winter or early spring, as the water temperatures begin to push into the 40-degree range. These bugs . . .

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Video Pro Tips: 5 Flies for March in the Rockies

This sweet, small-stream brown was up on blue-winged olives on a tributary stream.
Photo by Ivan Orsic

Guide Tanner Smith–of Trouts Fly Fishing in Denver, Colorado–is back with another of his “Top 5 for the Month” videos, and this time he’s talking about late-winter blue-winged olives. The arrival of . . .

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