Pro Tips: How to Choose the Right Fly-Fishing Kayak, Part I

Written by Damon Bungard, Jackson Kayak

Choosing the right kayak for your style of fishing requires a series of important decisions about style and features.
Photos courtesy Damon Bungard

If there’s one question I hear more and more these days, it’s “Which kayak is right for me?” With the explosion in popularity of kayak fishing and myriad of products now available on the market, . . .

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Pro Tips: Tandem Streamer Rigs for Fall Trout

Big brown trout like big flies, especially in the fall.
Photo by Eric Rickstad

When the nights start to cool and leaves start to change colors, the thoughts of brown trout turn to procreation. To build up energy for the spawning ritual and to put on weight before the lean. . .

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Tuesday Tip: How to Select the Best Fly Patterns

Written by: Paul Weamer, author of The Bug Book

Bucktail Body Emergers use a rope of bucktail fibers twisted with thread to make a realistic looking segmented body.
Photo by Paul Weamer

The depth of your aquatic insect knowledge will be unimportant for catching trout if you do not understand how to translate that knowledge into choosing effective fly patterns and fishing. . .

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Great Advice on How to Get Your Kids Into Fly Fishing

Simon Perkins helps out a new angler.
Photo courtesy Simon Perkins

Simon Perkins, Senior Manager of Orvis Adventures, knows a thing or two about teaching folks to fish. He was a fly-fishing guide in Montana for more than a decade, and. . .

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