Pro Tips: 3 Keys to Finding Bigger Trout

Written by: Toby Halley

The author seeks out water likely to hold the largest fish in a stream.
Photos courtesy Toby Halley

I used to fish a lot of good trout water and wonder why I wasn’t catching big fish, knowing that they were in there. It wasn’t until I started fishing with my good friend, Rick, that I really. . .

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Tuesday Tips: How to Choose the Best Days to Fish

Written by: Bob Reece,  North Park Anglers

When your fishing days are limited, you should do whatever you can to ensure you choose good ones.
Photo by Bob Reece

Those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere are reaching the peak of our summer season for trout. Water conditions are becoming ideal, summer hatches are in full swing, and the. . .

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Tuesday Tip: 9 Ways to Get Your Nymphs to the Bottom

Your ability to get your flies in front of the fish when they are holding deep is one key to angling success.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Even though the quintessential fly-fishing image involves casting dry flies to rising fish, we spend considerably more time presenting flies underwater to fish we can’t see, and beginning fly. . .

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Podcast: Perk Perkins on Fly Lines

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing our CEO, Perk Perkins—who, as you know if you listen to the podcasts, is a big leader and tippet geek. He also has strong opinions on floating. . .

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Tuesday Tips: How to Be a Good Client for Your Guide

Listen, pay attention, be honest about your skills, and smile. . .the goal is to have a good time, right?
Photo courtesy Linehan Outfitting

For some anglers, fishing with a guide can cause a little bit of anxiety. No one wants to make a stupid mistake or say something ridiculous in front of a guide because no one wants to be. . .

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Pro Tip: Don’t Talk Trash About Mr. Whitey

Written by: John McKinnie, Fly-Fishing Manager at Lone Mountain Ranch

Many a troutless day has been saved by the tug of the whitey.
Photos courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

Who hasn’t heard the phrase “not another Whitefish,” uttered with sheer disappointment? All too often, you will hear this said by guides and anglers on rivers throughout southwestern. . .

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