Pro Tip: How to Carry Two Rigged Rods on the Water

Written by: Travis Young

By sliding the butt section of the second rod through the sling-pack strap, Travis can cover water more quickly.
Photo courtesy Travis Young

I’ve been carrying two fully rigged rods with me while I fish—a nymphing set up and a streamer setup. Which rods I carry depends on the time of year, of course. Now the trick I’ve found is. . .

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Pro Tip: Cleaning and Storing Your Gear for the Off-Season

Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and lubing your reels.
Photo via

It’s the final day of Vermont’s open trout season, and since many other states also close for spawning and winter, it seems appropriate to post this primer for how to ensure that your gear is ready to go next time you hit the water, which may be months away.

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Video Pro Tip: How to Change Tippet Sizes on the Water

To be a really effective fly fisherman, you have to be ready and able to make adjustments to your rigging to match the conditions or the kinds of flies you’re using. If you fish with a knotless, tapered leader and want to change tippet size, you don’t need a new leader. Instead, you can. . .

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Fish Facts: Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The Great Lakes fishery is incredibly prolific, though it is sometimes derided as “artificial” by those
in the Pacific Northwest because it is outside the steelhead’s native range.
Photo courtesy Scott McEnaney

[Editor’s Note: With steelhead season coming into full swing, it seemed a good time to reacquaint folks with the species in all its glory.]

Anglers throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes region have developed distinct fly-fishing cultures around fall and winter steelhead runs—some anglers dedicated to. . .

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Pro Tips: Don’t Swing that Wet Fly

Wet flies, such as this Sparkle Soft Hackle, are more versatile than you may think.
Photo via

These days, classic wet flies are probably the most underused patterns in the average American fly fisher’s box. Trailing far behind nymphs, dry flies, and streamers in popularity, wet flies have the reputation of being for older guys or. . .

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