Tuesday Tip: Getting Ready for Pacific Northwest Steelhead

Written by: Leland Miyawaki, former Fishing Manager at Orvis Bellevue (WA)

The author with a beautiful, bright Pacific Northwest steelhead.
Photo courtesy Leland Miyawaki

Skagit, Hoh, Sol Duc, Grande Ronde, Clearwater, Dean, Thompson, Skeena—all names that conjure up visions of big, bright, chrome steelhead. Big fish caught on the swing: Nothing comes close to releasing a fly fisher’s adrenaline as. . .

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Pro Tip: The Secrets to Low-Water Steelheading

Written by: Alberto Rey

Young Holden Daughton with a Salmon River steelhead.
Photo by Tim Daughton

It’s a beautiful time of year on the Lake Erie tributaries. The leaves have turned, the light shimmers on the rocks as the water distorts its reflections, and there is no one out on the streams! Low, clear water can scare many anglers away, as these. . .

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Video Pro Tip: How to Remove a Fish Hook from Your Skin

We’ve posted several videos on this subject, but it’s always fun to see a new one. (Does that make me a sadist?) What’s important is the that the technique works, so it’s worth taking a refresher course. Here, Iowan Michael Chilton, of. . .

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Pro Tip: How to Change Tippet Sizes on the Water

To be a really effective fly fisherman, you have to be ready and able to make adjustments to your rigging to match the conditions or the kinds of flies you’re using. If you fish with a knotless, tapered leader and want to change tippet size, you don’t need a new leader. Instead, you can. . .

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